7-Year-Old Who Sold Hot Chocolate For Border Wall Donates Proceeds To We Build The Wall

Joe Raedle Getty Images

Two of the prominent efforts to privately fund President Trump’s border wall came together this week, with the news that the 7-year-old Texas boy who made headlines for selling hot chocolate for the border wall has donated the $22,000 raised from the effort to We Build the Wall, Inc. That’s the nonprofit organization formed out of the GoFundMe campaign that raised millions late last year toward privately funded wall construction.

Per 6ABC, the 7-year-old from the Austin area, who is the son of Republican activists, had sold hot chocolate with a sign reading “Proceeds help Trump build the wall.” The boy also sold 50-cent “Nancy Pelosi marshmallows” to melt.

Per The Inquisitr, the hot chocolate stand first made headlines in February, and the boy claimed that someone had addressed him as “Little Hitler” while doing so. A local news report included a photograph of the family at the Trump inauguration in 2017, where they carried a sign that said “I came to the U.S. legally! Looking for the AMERICAN DREAM, not the MEXICAN NIGHTMARE.”

The family, per the initial reports, had at first hoped to mail the hot chocolate stand funds to the president or for the boy to personally hand a check to the president, so that “the illegal immigrants can’t get into our town illegally.”

But instead, the funds have been donated to We Build the Wall, Inc., the nonprofit organization that was established earlier this year as a result of the high-profile GoFundMe campaign to build the wall. Following weeks of controversy, in which several donors publicly suspected that they had been scammed, We Build the Wall disclosed late last month, per The Inquisitr, that they had begun construction on private land near the border of Texas and New Mexico.

Brian Kolfage, the war veteran who started the campaign, has come under scrutiny for past projects, including “fake news” pages that he ran on Facebook, per Buzzfeed.

It was also recently announced that Steve Bannon, the controversial former campaign and White House adviser for President Trump, is now involved with the We Build the Wall project as chairman of the advisory board. He joins several other MAGA-associated figures, including former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, and ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Meanwhile, construction was halted last week due to a lack of permits, but it later resumed, per The Arizona Republic.