Abby Lee Miller Offers Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman Tips On Surviving Prison

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Though fame comes with many perks, avoiding the law is not one of them as many celebrities find out when they get in hot water. Abby Lee Miller, who rose to fame as the often controversial figure at the center of the reality show Dance Moms, knows that well. When she was convicted for bankruptcy fraud, she ended up getting sentenced to a year in prison.

Miller served eight months of her sentence, which is still a significant portion of time. TMZ caught up with the star and asked for some of her thoughts on the celebrities recently embroiled in the college admissions scandal. While fame couldn’t keep Miller out of prison, she seems to admit that it can be a benefit to building relationships with other inmates.

“You’re a television celebrity and these women are your fans. They watch TV on a daily basis and they are going to want to know what it’s like to be on a TV show, what it’s like to be an award-winning actress… I think if you just befriend them and share your stories with them, then they’ll share their stories with you and some of them are very interesting. I think it [fame] is absolutely in their favor.”

Miller’s opinions on the guards weren’t quite as favorable. She told TMZ that she was definitely singled out because of her fame, and her experience with the guards was often quite difficult.

If Lori Loughlin’s experience pre-prison is any indication of her behavior on the inside, she should easily be able to follow Miller’s suggestions. As People reported, Loughlin was signing autographs and happily chatting with fans before her hearing. Most celebrities enter that type of legal situation in a very somber state of mind, concerned about the potential consequences they may face, so Loughlin’s behavior stood out to many.

While Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have not yet been convicted, TMZ reports that law enforcement sources have said prosecutors want the celebrities to serve at least some amount of time behind bars. Prosecutors allegedly want to communicate that “you can’t have people treated differently because they have money.”

The celebrities involved in the college admissions scandal are taking different tactics in the courtroom thus far. Huffman recently pleaded guilty and is awaiting news on what her sentence will be, which People reports will be revealed in September. Loughlin, on the other hand, had pleaded not guilty, as CNN reports.