Jenna Jameson Flaunts 80-Pound Weight Loss In Candid Before & After ‘Sucking In’ Photos

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Jenna Jameson may have lost a massive 80 pounds thanks to the Keto diet, but she’s still working hard to prove that not everything we see on social media is entirely accurate. The former Celebrity Big Brother U.K. housemate took to Instagram on June 3 to get very candid with her followers as she shared two side-by-side before-and-after snaps, one showing her sucking in and the other letting her middle fall naturally.

Jenna, who was sporting a purple crop top and a pair of pink patterned panties in the photo, sat on her knees for the mirror snap while showing off her multiple tattoos, including sleeves up both of her arms.

With her blonde hair big and natural, she gave her followers a look at the big difference that comes from sucking her middle to make her appear slimmer and more toned.

Despite dropping the very impressive 80 pounds since giving birth to her daughter in April 2017, Jenna admitted in the caption that she thinks she still looks “quite thick” around the middle when she’s not sucking in, adding that she feels she still looks pregnant if she lets her stomach fall naturally.

Jameson, who tagged her location as being Honolulu, Hawaii, then told fans that she wanted to show her followers the reality of her body just over two years after giving birth to Batel, her daughter with partner Lior Bitton. She added that much of what people see on social media is actually “a farce.”

Fans shared their praise in the comments section after seeing the former adult film star getting so candid about the reality of her body, even after her staggering weight loss.

“Love you guuurl! such a huge inspiration to us Mum’s and just women in general,” one Instagram user commented on the before and after photos.

A second then added, “I think you are beautiful in every way.”

Jameson has also been extremely candid about all the hard work that’s gone into dropping the pounds and getting healthy since she welcomed Batel into the world, sharing her weight loss journey, as well as her health and fitness tips on social media over the past several months.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, back in March, Jenna shared some of her big tips for starting the Keto diet while revealing what she now eats in a day to maintain her slimmer physique.

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Here’s a brand new “What I Eat in a Day” I wake up at 6 am and immediately make coffee. I prefer instant with stevia and heavy cream. I then allow myself to get hungry. That usually is about 10 or 11 am. I cook 4 over easy eggs and top them with sour cream with Cholula hot sauce mixed in. Around 2 pm I find myself hungry again. I have been loving this cabbage salad I make. It’s comprised of shredded cabbage, sesame oil, fresh ginger, soy sauce and a handful of minced cashews. It’s fabulous with a chicken breast. 6 pm is my last meal of the day. I’m a steak lover, so I always have a beautiful ribeye on hand! I’ve been loving double ribeyes lately... so I sear them in a skillet then bake low and slow, and that results in a super tender piece of meat! I pair it with zucchini noodles with marinara. Throughout the day I drink lots of water and I adore the soda zevia, I highly recommend it! #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #ketodiet #weightlossjourney #weightloss #tranformationtuesday #weightlosstransformation

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“I find that staying away from keto breads and snacks help me lose weight. I recommend sticking to whole organic foods and you will see the weight drop off,” Jenna then told fans in a more recent Instagram post.

“Remember my friend, losing weight isn’t easy, it’s a challenge,” Jameson then continued. “Push past your fear of failing and make the change!”