Beyonce Fans Finally Hear Her Voice As Nala In Exciting New Trailer For ‘The Lion King’ Live-Action Remake

Buda MendesGetty Images

Although it’s no secret that legendary singer Beyonce is starring in Disney’s live-action remake of the popular animated film The Lion King, fans had yet to hear her voice in the promotional materials until Monday, when a new trailer was released opening with Beyonce’s voice as Nala, reported The Daily Mail.

In the “Single Ladies” singer’s speaking debut as lead character Simba’s significant other, Nala, she delivers the lioness’s iconic line after Simba runs away from Pride Rock.

“Simba, you have to take your place as King. We need you. Come home.”

Due to Beyonce being completely absent from previous trailers, fans were starting to wonder if she was even going to make an appearance in the remake.

If it weren’t for the latest trailer, fans would have had to rely on co-star Billy Eichner’s testament to the pop star’s presence in the movie.

The actor, who plays Timon in the movie, appeared on Crooked Media’s Keep It podcast, where he spoke about the upcoming film, reported Metro.

“She’s definitely in the movie because I’ve seen a rough cut. And I’ve heard her sing ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ with Donald Glover and I’m telling you, it’s f**king good.”

The Parks and Recreation actor added, “I don’t want to give too much away about that, they do not want us talking about it. I will just say that honestly, it made me cry and I was not expecting that.”

Donald Glover stars in The Lion King remake as Simba. Other famous faces voicing characters in the film include Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and James Earl Jones as Mufasa, the same character he voiced in the 1994 original.

This past weekend, Beyonce posted several photos from the Wearable Art Gala event in Santa Monica, California, where she sported a stunning bodysuit with a lion’s head featured over her chest.

The “Flawless” singer rocked a gold, glittery jumpsuit complete with a billowing golden cape and open-toed matching high heels. On her chest was the fierce face of a male lion with long, golden feathers shooting out from both sides of her chest as the mane of the grassland animal.

The breathtaking outfit, a custom design from Georges Hobeika, was complete with sequin designs up and down the entire suit and matching gold earrings. The singer’s signature blonde-brown locks were worn slicked straight down her back and she wore gold eyeshadow, popping black mascara, and matte brown-gold lipstick.

The Lion King is set to be released in movie theaters on July 19.