Royal Expert Calls Prince Harry’s Behavior ‘Rude’ After Donald Trump’s Criticism Of His Wife, Meghan Markle

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A royal expert called Prince Harry’s behavior towards Donald Trump “rude” during an official photo op with the president of the United States and other members of the royal family. The prince was reportedly uncomfortable after Trump commented that he didn’t know his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle, was “nasty” when it was revealed to him she did not show support toward him during the 2016 presidential election.

The Daily Express spoke to royal expert Ingrid Seward, who claims that the prince should have curtailed his behavior towards the president during his official state visit to Great Britain, where Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, welcomed Donald Trump by giving him guided tours of the Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Seward stated that “Harry did look grumpy and as if he didn’t want to be there.”

“He appeared to be behaving in a rather immature way and letting his personal animosity take over from his natural good manners.”

The royal expert noted that “whatever his personal feelings, it’s his duty to support the Queen regardless and take a tip from his grandmother who has never allowed her personal feelings to interfere with her duty. It’s bad manners and rude.”

Prince Harry appeared to be ill at ease in the president’s presence after Donald Trump spoke to The Sun ahead of his United Kingdom visit and learned that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was not a fan of his.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (R) during a tour of American items in the Royal collection at Buckingham Palace with US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on June 3, 2019.
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A journalist asked Trump if he knew of Markle’s accusations towards him of being “misogynistic” and “divisive” during his 2016 presidential campaign. He insisted it was the first time he had heard of them, noting to The Sun that he was not aware of her feelings towards him, stating that he “didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Markle made her comments regarding then-candidate Trump in a 2016 interview on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

The Prince met with Donald Trump and his family, including wife Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner to view a special exhibition in the Picture Gallery, which showcased items of historical significance to the United States from the Royal Collection at the palace.

People Magazine reported that the prince stayed in the background to chat with Earl Peel, the Lord Chamberlain. He also exchanged pleasantries with Ivanka Trump. The Prince did not attend the official state dinner later in the evening of June 3. His brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, father Prince Charles and wife Camilla, and the queen and Prince Phillip were in attendance, as was Prince Andrew.

Prince Harry appears to bear no ill will towards the first lady, Melania Trump. Harry and Mrs. Trump met for the first time during the prince’s 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, where he and Melania sat together.

Following the couple’s trip to the United Kingdom, the President and Mrs. Trump will travel to France in time to mark the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy on June 6.