Dean McDermott Defends ‘90210’ Wife Tori Spelling From Internet Trolls Criticizing Her Bikini Snap

Amy SussmanGetty Images

This past weekend, Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Tori Spelling took to social media site Instagram to post a photo of herself alongside co-stars Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris all dressed in swimsuits. The snap of the three ladies enjoying a rooftop dinner sparked negative comments from haters who criticized Tori for the bikini shot.

Actor and husband Dean McDermott came quickly to his wife’s defense, responding to the criticism with scathing messages of his own, reported The Daily Mail.

Among the hateful messages were fans who thought Tori was trying too hard to be relevant by posting the bikini photo.

“Tori will, unfortunately do anything for money and attention…I would not have released that swimsuit photo, they look like they’re making a Lifetime movie about three hag sisters who stalk men online and then they go missing. They need to call it ‘You’ll Look Worse After’ surgery,” one spiteful message read.

The 52-year-old Open Range actor responded to the messages with, “I love how you haters have private accts!! Let’s see what you trolls look like ya cowards!!!”

Tori’s faithful husband was not the only one who jumped to the actress’s defense. Loyal fans also defended Tori from the internet trolls.

One outraged fan of the show’s commented, “OMG! I’ve had it w/ ppl picking on Tori!!! If you’re a true fan of the show knock it off with your snide remarks!!! Without Tori or her dad it wouldn’t have ever been our fav 90’s show!!! Show her and her late dad some respect!!! And ADULT AND GROW UP!!!”

The photo features the three women poised for a rooftop dinner in Vancouver, British Colombia, as tagged in the photo-sharing app’s geolocation feature. With large skyscrapers making up the background of the photo, Tori, Gabrielle, and Jennie all stand side-by-side behind a white table made up with wine and appetizers.

Tori poses with her side turned toward the camera, one hand on her hip, and dressed in a black bikini top that emphasizes her busty chest and high-waisted black shorts that expose a bit of her abdomen and upper leg. Her blonde hair hangs loosely around her face, and she shoots a cheeky half-smile toward the camera.

Gabrielle sports a chic, one-piece black suit as she smiles toward the camera while Jennie wears a cute, tiny black-and-white polka-dot bikini with her blonde hair swept up into a high bun.

The trio seemed ready for a relaxing night as Tori captioned the photo announcing their Sunday family dinner alongside the hashtag “#nomakeup.”