Climate Change Message, Complete With Obscene Image, Mowed Into Field For Donald Trump

Leon NealGetty Images

A message has been left mowed into the grass near the airport where the U.S. President Donald Trump was scheduled to land during his trip to the U.K. However, this image — and its message — will not likely impress Trump. Not only is the message about climate change but the person who created it also added a giant phallic image.

According to The Independent, Ollie Nancarrow has mowed an anti-Trump message into the grass of his family home. The message included the image of a giant penis and a polar bear. “Oi Trump,” headed the message in the lawn near Hatfield Heath, in Essex. It then followed with, “Climate change is real.” The intent of Nancarrow’s message is that Donald Trump will be able to view it aboard Air Force One as it landed at Stansted Airport.

Previously, Trump has been known to reject the scientific consensus on climate change. In June 2017, he also announced the withdrawal of the U.S. “from the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation.” This made the U.S. “the only nation in the world not to ratify the agreement.”

Since then, Trump has been targeted by supporters of climate change. Trump’s denial of the existence of climate change is mentioned by Nancarrow in his statement on his message to the U.S. president.

“Donald Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies into Stansted on Monday,” Nancarrow said.

According to the Bishop’s Stortford Independent, Nancarrow spent most of his weekend mowing the message and giant penis into his lawn ahead of Trump’s arrival on Monday. Nancarrow, 18, and currently studying A Levels in art, product design, and business studies at The Bishop’s Stortford High School, is also believed to have had the “full approval of mother and stepfather, Vanessa and David Ambler.”

While his parents may have approved of the message aimed at Donald Trump, according to ITV, local police have requested that Ollie remove the obscene image. Police have asked Nancarrow to mow over the message and images as well as to report to a meeting with the police station next week. During this meeting, it has been advised that Nancarrow have a solicitor present.

It is currently unclear whether or not Trump saw the image. However, Nancarrow’s business, Born Eco, is likely to have seen a boost after his message was posted. Born Eco “connects shoppers with eco-friendly traders,” according to The Independent.