Miley Cyrus Flaunts Sticky Smeared Abs, Sucks On Candy-Dipped Banana In Unzipped Jeans

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Miley Cyrus’ SHE IS COMING promotion is definitely bringing out the adult interpretation of the album’s title. The 26-year-old singer dropped her six-song EP on May 31. The album’s vocals may be giving fans plenty to listen to, but Miley’s recent Instagram updates are giving fans plenty to look at.

On June 3, Miley updated her Instagram. The beyond-sexy snap shows this talented artist proving that she’s as skilled in front of the camera as she is in front of the mic.

Standing in a pair of unzipped jeans and a tiny cropped top, Miley is seen making eye contact as she suggestively holds a banana in her mouth. The fruit appears to have been dipped in candy sprinkles. Likewise colorful are smeared and sticky-looking pinks across the singer’s torso. A closer look suggests the stains to be fruit – seeds are visible and the consistency resembles that of berry juice. With her rock-hard abs on show, Miley and her banana appear as much the embodiment of sex appeal as they do fitspo.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer is standing with her hips slightly angled. Her gaze is direct, though. It’s looking right at the camera, and it’s piercing. A caption and hashtags have referred to SHE IS COMING. The star has also mentioned the fruit with a “HannahBanana” hashtag.

Fans are absolutely loving it.

“Banana split!” one wrote.

“This is what my 6 year old son looks like after eating an ice cream cone,” was another comment.

Dripping in fruit stains, wet-haired, and putting her sexuality out there, Miley is looking her best today. Clearly, the Hannah Montana era is over for this star. One fan did mention the comedy series, but they added a modern-day spin in their comment.

“hannah montana 2019 version”

Today’s banana isn’t the first on Miley’s Instagram this week. The singer posed with a pink banana rotary phone earlier today. Likewise, a repeat feature is Miley’s cropped top. With her ripped and gym-honed physique though, figuring out why this star chooses cut-off tops isn’t rocket science.

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Comments to today’s snap threw Cyrus endless praise. One fan managed to mention another pop icon in their comment.

“I’m a Christian but now I can say that God Is A Woman,” they wrote.

The phrase is, of course, the smash hit song from Ariana Grande’s Sweetener album.

Miley and her candy-dipped banana had racked up over 350,000 likes within one hour of the post going live. Miley has 94.2 million Instagram followers.