Curvy Model Iskra Lawrence Shares Bikini Snap With Positive Message

Gonzalo MarroquinGetty Images

Iskra Lawrence is all about body positivity, and her latest photo on Instagram proved it.

In the post, which showed Lawrence’s curvy backside in a blue striped bikini, the model shared how important it is that people accept their bodies the way they are.

Lawrence explained that she wished that as a child she could have seen people celebrate cellulite rather than associate it with unattractive bodies. She then pointed out that headlines claiming that women have let themselves go or stories that rate people with “beach” bodies or “ugly” ones are “BS.”

She went on to say that 95 percent of female bodies have cellulite and it is natural and beautiful.

An advocate for natural beauty, Lawrence does not believe in hiding or covering up flaws. In an interview with Elle magazine in 2013, the model said that she only posts unretouched photos to her Instagram account, which reaches over four million followers.

“I ask the photographers to send me unretouched pictures, and a lot of the time they won’t,” she explained.

“They refuse to because they have that idea in their mind that beauty has to be perfect. It has to be flawless. That’s not the case. I think unretouched images are even more beautiful,” she said.

Lawrence is a role model for Aerie by American Eagle, which promotes the AerieReal campaign that features models in unretouched photos. The company also encourages women to post photos of themselves that have not been altered.

The model did not always have the kind of confidence she has now but she said she finally got to the point where she stopped thinking less of herself because she was not a particular size or what society considered to be perfect.

“Eventually I learned you are more than your body. Your body’s your home, and you need to love and respect it. You are meant to be in that body, so look after it, love it, and don’t let it be the reason for not doing something,” she said.

The British model said she would like the misconception that curvy women are not healthy to go away. She also said that she would like to see more fashionable apparel for curvy women because they like to wear stylish, sexy clothing just like thin women do.

Lawrence said that to her, beauty is being comfortable with yourself, adding that when people are at ease with themselves they radiate confidence and positive energy, which is attractive.