Rihanna And Chris Brown Reportedly Getting Married This Summer

In the world of hip-hop and Hollywood, there may not be any couples more interesting than Rihanna and Chris Brown. The on again, off again couple announced last month that they were officially on again after a lengthy “time away” from each other where they remained friends.

It wasn’t that long ago that it seemed as if the two were off again, as Rihanna and Brown spent Valentine’s day together, but just barely. Both hitt a club at separate times and with different people.

The couple’s story has been so interesting and so “can’t look away” odd at times that there was even a Law and Order: SVU that was based around the time when Brown physically attacked the woman he claimed and still claims to love.

It appears that the duo has moved past that ugly moment in their relationship and might even be looking to take the next step, or the big plunge. Digital Spy is reporting that Brown and Rihanna have carefully planned out a summer wedding for this year.

This particular report is not coming from one of the two musicians but rather from a source that is close to both of them. The pair has kept any word of this mostly under wraps, perhaps cognizant of how the public might react. There are groups of fans who do not believe that Rihanna should be having anything to do with Brown.

Digital Spy adds that the source told them that only people who were going to be supportive and who truly believed that Brown was a “changed man” would be invited to the affair. The Sun reports that a wedding between Rihanna and Chris Brown would definitly be an affair to remember.

Rumors are floating around that the two are planning to have tattoo artists, a fire breather, and their waitstaff to be wearing skimpy clothing. Should the summer wedding take place, it would also almost certainly be a star studded affair with some of the pop world’s biggest names attending.