Lyna Perez Busts Out Of Hot Pink, Thong Bikini, Asks 'You Think You Can Handle Me?'

Lyna Perez is an Instagram model who knows how to caption a picture. The brunette sensation is known for her witty captions, and her June 3 one is no exception.

Lyna's most recent snap shows her in the world's tiniest bikini. Perez is standing on a grassy lawn fronting a beach with her back to the camera. She has, however, turned her face toward it. Eyes are likely on this model's eye-popping two-piece, though. Lyna has opted for a hot pink bikini with plastic strapping, and it isn't leaving much to the imagination. The thonged lower is flaunting the model's super-peachy rear and likewise on show is a healthy flashing of sideboob. With her hands clutching her behind and a cheeky expression, it looks like Lyna is out to toy with her viewers.

A caption from Lyna has come with an admission and a question. The model stated that she's a lot to handle, and she also asked her fans if they're up for handling her.

Fan comments have been pouring in.

"Can we see and go out for dinner?" one fan bravely wrote.

Their question was personally responded to.

"@er.erald where we going," Lyna replied.

As one of Instagram's more interactive models, Perez is known for engaging with her fans.

Whether it's the sensationally attractive model rocking itsy-bitsy swimwear or the way she communicates on a personal basis, something about Perez's activity is paying off. This model has now earned herself an Instagram following of 4 million. On a platform overflowing with scantily-clad models, achieving a following in the millions is easier said than done.
Lyna is, indeed, mostly about the bikinis. With a bio that says she "basically [lives]" in one, this seems to be a girl who puts her money where her mouth is. The month of May alone saw Perez don two-pieces in pale greens, whites, reds, and oranges. Lyna also seems to rake in the engagement via her videos. Her wittily-captioned "Hoechella" video (seen above) currently sits at over 750,000 views.
Pegging this girl as wearing swimwear alone would be an inaccurate move, though. Lyna's "Hoechella" video might have come cleavage-flaunting, but it showed a girl with her eye on fashion. Lyna's bustier was from luxury French designer Balmain.

Ultimately, though, Lyna seems to default back to her comfort zone. Bikinis are her favorite item, and they seem to be making her career. Today's snap had racked up over 33,000 likes within one hour of being posted. Fans wishing to see more of Lyna should follow her Instagram.