Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth Called ‘Mean Girls’ As ‘90210’ Fans Ask Why Shannen Doherty Isn’t In Bikini Photo

Dominik BindlGetty Images

Beverly Hills, 90210 fans noticed a glaring omission in Tori Spelling’s recent reunion photo with her Fox co-stars, and some of them suspect some mean girl antics are already going on. Over the weekend, Spelling posted a photo featuring pals Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris as they took a break from filming their Fox reboot in Vancouver. In the photo, the three women are sharing wine as they pose on a rooftop in coordinating black bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. Spelling captioned the pic “Sunday Family Dinner,” as previously shared by The Inquisitr.

But fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 veteran Shannen Doherty is nowhere to be seen in the snaps from the day, and many fans questioned why.

“Where is Shannen Doherty,” one follower wrote, while another chimed in with, “Why isn’t Shannon Doherty in any of the pics? She is part of the show.” Another follower accused the trio of being “mean girls.”

“Already being mean girls to Shannen I see. Really? Grow up Tori. The show is not the same without Brenda.”

On a second Instagram photo of the 90210 stars, one fan wrote, “Where is the star of the show? Where is Shannen?”

Spelling, who compared Garth and Carteris to college roommates and described them as her “roomies for the summer,” quickly adressed Shannen Doherty’s MIA status. According to Page Six, Spelling revealed that Doherty had a scheduling conflict and was not yet in Canada with the rest of the cast.

“She isn’t here in Vancouver yet but we can’t wait till @theshando joins us! We miss her. Xoxo”

Meanwhile, one look at her Instagram page reveals that Shannen Doherty spent the weekend with friends in Malibu. The Beverly Hills, 90210 beauty posted a snap taken at Nobu as she sat at a table with two friends. Doherty wrote that “it’s always good to spend time with strong, smart, funny women who support each other.” The absent 90210 star also included an interesting hashtag on her post: “#womenwhosupportwomen.”

During Beverly Hills, 90210′s original run, it was no secret that the cast didn’t all get along with Shannen Doherty. According to Fox News, Tori Spelling spilled all when she appeared on Lifetime’s Celebrity Lie Detector, where she went into detail about Doherty’s firing from the Fox show.

Spelling revealed that the entire Beverly Hills, 90210 cast banded together to have Doherty booted from the show and that she even called her dad, show creator Aaron Spelling, to pitch the idea. Spelling later admitted she regretted how the cast handled things with Shannen Doherty.

“I felt like I was a part of something, a movement, that cost someone their livelihood,” Spelling said. “Was she a horrible person? No. She was one of the best friends I ever had.”

Spelling went on to say that the decision to boot Doherty was wrong “as my friend,” but she added, “In the workplace, as a co-worker, yeah.”

Earlier this year, Shannen Doherty was a late addition to the upcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 revival and was noticeably missing from the original cast announcement in February. But in April, Deadline reported that Doherty will join her 1990s co-stars Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green and Jason Priestley for the six-episode, limited edition reboot of the classic teen series. Doherty, who played Brenda Walsh on the original series, will also serve as an executive producer on the long-awaited reboot.

Tori Spelling previously told People that the rest of the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast “would love” to have Shannen Doherty join the rest of the cast for the revival series.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot, titled BH90210, is expected to air this summer on Fox.