‘Dear UK’ Is Trending On Twitter As Americans Apologize In Advance For Potential Trump Embarrassments

Stefan Rousseau - WPA PoolGetty Images

The hashtag “#DearUK” is trending on Twitter, as of this writing, with Americans using the social media platform to apologize in advance for whatever embarrassment Trump may cause, Newsweek reports.

The last time Trump made a state visit to the United Kingdom, back in 2018, he made a couple of goofs which could be considered major or minor depending on whom you ask. For example, he walked in front of Queen Elizabeth rather than a few steps behind her as custom dictates. What’s more, tens of thousands of people across the country protested Trump’s visit, including a London protest that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters as well as the “Baby Trump” balloon that flew over the city.

This time, the palace is doing its best to keep Trump busy and away from crowds. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the palace has made sure that Trump will be spending most of his time there — two days out of a three-day visit — on the golf course, which is something that he loves doing anyway. Accompanying him will be Prince Andrew, a royal who is eighth in line to the throne behind his great-nephew, Prince Archie Harrison. Trump and Prince Andrew are, if not friends, certainly acquaintances, the pair having met 20 years ago when Andrew stopped by Mar-a-Lago to do some golfing of his own.

Meanwhile, it seems as if Twitter users are fearing that the lengths to which the palace has gone to keep Trump out of trouble may be for naught.

“Dear UK, We apologize in advance. Let’s try to still be friends even after he has gone. Love, America,” wrote one user.

Another user asked the U.K. to keep Trump, in exchange for anything at all.

Still, another went straight for the jugular.

“I’m sorry that our dolt in chief is over there, but than [sic] you for showing up and making your disdain for this ‘man’ known–in a way that we should be doing, every. single. day.”

As it turns out, though the palace has attempted to minimize the opportunities Trump will have for political missteps, he’s reportedly already made a couple. Even before Air Force One had touched down, Trump was tweeting that London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is no fan of Trump, was “nasty” and a “stone cold loser.”

And when he met the queen, as reported Monday by The Inquisitr, the pair exchanged in a “fist-bump” that has been described as “awkward.”