Tammy Hembrow Brings Instagram To Its Knees As She Spills Out Of Tiny White Top

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Tammy Hembrow is heating up her highly-followed Instagram page once again.

The YouTube star is known for dazzling her followers on social media with one sexy post after another, and that may be part of the reason why she’s already amassed such an impressive following of 9.5 million on Instagram alone. When the blonde bombshell isn’t rocking a tiny bikini, she’s busy delighting fans with plenty of other hot outfits, which was the case yesterday.

In the new, up-close and personal image posted to her account, the mother of two does what she does best — strikes a sultry pose for her legion of followers. In the sultry snapshot, Hembrow appears front and center, showing off her flawless face for the camera. The stunner appears to be wearing minimal makeup in the image, aside from some clear lipgloss. Her big blue eyes are on display in the image, and she wears her blonde locks down and curly.

Hembrow’s arm is extended in the photo, and it appears as though she snapped the photo herself. The 25-year-old leaves very little to the imagination while spilling out of a tiny white top and showing off ample amounts of cleavage to her loyal fans. In just a short time of the post going live, it’s earned the Instagram sensation plenty of attention with over 162,000 likes in addition to 600-plus comments.

Some of Hembrow’s fans took to the image to let the blonde-haired beauty know that she looks absolutely stunning while countless others let her know that they are huge fans.

“You have the most amazing eyes,” one follower commented on the post.

“You look amazing gosh.”

“Ur [sic] the most beautiful cute pretty awesome gorgeous marvelous sweet hot young women in the earth. Ur a God gifted beauty dear. Ur the hottest young women in the world. No one can’t beat u in fitness planet,” another user gushed.

And this isn’t the first time that the beauty lit up Instagram in the past few days. As The Inquisitr shared last week, the mother of two posted another hot photo, explaining to fans that she just saw the movie Aladdin. In the snapshot, Tammy poses against a massive claw machine that is full of stuffed toys as she strikes a pose in an all-white outfit. The stunner’s full body is on display as the skimpy outfit leaves very little to the imagination of her fans. Along with skintight white pants, Hembrow pairs the look with a tiny crop top that ties in the middle, showing off plenty of cleavage and abs to fans.

No matter what she does or wears, Tammy always looks like a million bucks.