Kylie And Kendall Jenner Have ‘Finsta’ Accounts, And Fans Are Desperate To Know What They Are

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Both Kylie and Kendall Jenner reportedly have private Instagram accounts, and their fans are dying to get their hands on them.

HollywoodLife reports that the sisters were outed by Kourtney Kardashian for having a second Instagram account, which is also referred to as a “Finsta account,” on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. During the episode, which aired on Sunday, June 2, Kardashian also spilled the name of her sisters’ private accounts. She also reportedly attempted to make an account for Kim and has made one for Khloe in the past. The Good American CEO confirmed that she has one, but isn’t a fan of having another account.

“Kourtney made me a Finsta when we were drunk and I’ve only used it once,” she wrote. “To me, it’s pointless.”

Almost instantly after learning about the younger sisters’ fake Instagram pages, fans of the Kardashian/Jenner clan began digging to find what their pages are called and how they can follow the private accounts.

“I need to figure out Kylie Jenner’s finsta page,” one person wrote. “We could be finsta buddies.”

Some fans also tweeted the Rebels authors individually and asked them to cough up their handles. Kylie and Kendall both have public accounts where they share details of their lives on their feed and on Instagram Stories. The Kylie Cosmetics founder posts photos of her career life as well as her boyfriend Travis Scott and their daughter Stormi, 1. On Sunday, Kylie shared with her 137 million followers that Stormi was hospitalized and spent hours at the hospital due to an allergic reaction. Kylie also shares important milestones in Stormi’s life, such as birthdays and the toddler’s first steps.

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Kendall, however, mostly shares her professional life and vacations with her friends and family. According to HelloGiggles, the model already has a not-so-secret second Instagram page with the handle “PizzaBoys.” She reportedly launched the page without any fanfare in April 2018, and fans were left wondering what the page was. The outlet stated that the name came from a “DJ Friend/Group” that Kendall is a part of. Kendall reportedly posted a photo of herself where she once covered her nipples with pepperoni and explained why she did so to Elle back in 2017.

“As far as the pizza emojis go, when I decided to Instagram the picture, I could’ve covered my nipples with anything, but I chose them as a little nod to Pizza Boys (the DJ/friend group I’m part of),” Kendall said at the time.

Until the names of the Finsta accounts are revealed, fans will have to settle for following both Kendall and Kylie on their public Instagram pages.