Social Media Is Baffled By Donald Trump’s Strange ‘Fist Bump’ With Queen Elizabeth

Tolga AkmenGetty Images

President Donald Trump met Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace Monday as part of a three-day United Kingdom visit, and he instantly made headlines with his greeting, which was posted on The Royal Family Channel Twitter account.

As Yahoo News reports, social media users couldn’t help but notice that Trump awkwardly shook her hand back and forth in what some are calling a “fist bump.”

“A fist bump. A f***ing fist bump,” one user wrote.

“The Royal Fist Bump. Saved for very special occasions,” another chimed in.

Trump is known for his strange handshakes. At the Bastille Day celebration in July 2017, he grabbed French President Emmanuel Macron’s hand and held it for almost 30 seconds and pulled a similar stunt at the White House in April 2018 with the French leader. He also held Prime Minister Theresa May’s hand for a walk during their first meeting in January 2017, although The Irish Examiner reports that May said he was “actually being a gentleman.”

Trump’s visit was preceded by controversy after he reportedly called Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, “nasty.” As The Inquisitr reported, Harry is allegedly being “forced” to stay quiet during Trump’s U.K. visit out of respect to the queen.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter claims that Harry must “toe the line” when he has lunch with Trump.

“The royal family will be professional and duty bound. He [Prince Harry] will lay on his very best charm because that is what he has been raised to do, that is what he is required to do. Markle is his wife and this is where it becomes incredibly difficult.”

Harry’s silence is standard, as members of the royal family typically don’t make formal statements about their political opinions.

Trump made his controversial comment after he learned that Markle called him “misogynistic.”

“I didn’t know that. What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Prior to his visit to the U.K., Trump was mercilessly mocked for his slicked-back hairstyle during his appearance at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, on Sunday. The appearance was to pray for the victims and community of Virginia Beach following the recent shooting in the city. As The Inquisitr reported, Trump arrived in his white golf shoes and a matching white baseball cap, and when he removed the cap, he revealed his hairdo, which was much different than his usual.

Trump is set to dine at Buckingham Palace Monday night, where the queen is throwing a welcome banquet for Trump and his wife, Melania.