Taylor Swift Welcomes Brendon Urie To The Wango Tango 2019 Stage

Kevin WinterGetty Images for iHeartMedia

Taylor Swift always likes to surprise her concert crowds, and her performance at Wango Tango 2019 was no exception. On Saturday, at the iHeart Radio event held in Southern California’s Dignity Health Sports Park, the singer started her last song of the set with her latest single, “ME!”

The catchy tune enjoyed four backup singers as well as a full band sitting on a riser behind Taylor. The riser itself was adorned with walls of pink flowers. They were probably fake, but they were still really pretty.

Swift was also very pretty, plastering wide smiles on her face as she presented each word. She announced via her pink mic and before digging into the pop song that she appreciated the massive crowd. She said they were “wonderful.”

Then, after she told the hyped-up crowd that it was her final offering of the evening, those in attendance couldn’t help but sound let down as indicated by the screams of “oh no” that could be heard from around the arena in Carson, a Los Angeles County city.

“Will you sing [this song] the loudest out of everything tonight?” Taylor Swift asked, adding, “Will you do that for me?”

With that request made, the singing sensation started her tune, owning the stage like no other entertainer. iHeart Radio’s Twitter account described how Taylor Swift commands attention during a show.

Everyone in the crowd did what Taylor asked. They were on their feet, singing and dancing with abandon. During the rousing tune, Taylor beckoned someone to join her. In bounced Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, who is featured on the recording of that last tune Swift was singing Saturday night.

Urie donned a red baseball jacket paired with faded blue jeans, the latter of which some of his fans were surprised to see as part of his sartorial offering.

One commented under the live YouTube video of the number, “I’ve never seen Brendon wear something like that. Light blue jeans?? What???”

And then the popular artist joined in with Taylor, bopping around the stage in choreographed moves that were sure to make these entertainers work hard to, well, entertain.

Toward the end of the performance, pounds of confetti burst from the rafters, hitting the stage and some of the crowd. Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie didn’t seem to notice, though, as the pair came to the last note of the last song of the fun set done live at Wango Tango in 2019 on June 1 in Los Angeles County.