London Man Renames His Pub To Honor President Donald Trump’s State Visit

WPA PoolGetty Images

The landlord of an Irish pub tucked away in West London is looking forward to President Donald Trump’s state visit — so much so that he temporarily renamed his business to reflect his positive feelings toward the president.

Usually known as The Jameson, landlord Damien Smyth installed a temporary sign with the new, temporary name of his pub, “The Trump Arms.” The restaurant features patriotic USA and Trump-themed decor on the inside. The sign also reads, “Welcome Our American Friends.”

When asked why he made the name change, Smyth told ABC that it’s meant to be a sign of “respect” and a way to honor a long-standing allied friendship between the two countries that reaches back to World War II.

“They had no qualms about helping this country or the country next door,” Smyth said. “It’s about showing respect. The Americans, the Irish and the British are great friends, and now we’re family.”

“We must mark the great relationship between the British, the Irish and the American people.”

Trump’s visit marks the second occasion that Smyth has renamed his pub in honor of the president. Smyth renamed his pub the first time the president visited his country, last July, for the same reason.

The first day of the visit has already included a traditional welcoming ceremony and a formal inspection of the Guard of Honor. A private lunch hosted by Queen Elizabeth will be held in the palace, and Prince Harry is expected to be among the guests.

On the second day of the trip, Trump will head to 10 Downing Street to meet for a business breakfast with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May. The breakfast will be attended by a list of both American and British business leaders.

A ceremony to mark the remembrance of D-Day, on its 75th anniversary, is on the schedule for the president’s third day in the country.

Trump’s three-day visit is also a point of contention with many of the country’s residents. Mass protests are expected in the wake of his arrival, and The Hill reported that a staggering 10,000 police officers have been activated to help protect the president as he makes his rounds.

The security detail includes snipers, bomb-sniffing dogs, and helicopters that will monitor what authorities believe could number up to 250,000 protesters during the president’s visit.

Shortly after arriving in London, Trump slammed the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, in a tweet calling him “nasty” and a “stone cold loser.”

After his first London visit last year, Trump said he felt “unwelcome” because of the number of demonstrations against him.