Champions League Streaker Kinsey Wolanski’s Instagram Account Hacked After Gaining 2 Million Followers

Kinsey WolanskiInstagram

Kinsey Wolanski was suddenly the hit of Instagram, and then in a moment, it was all gone.

The curvy blonde model gained international attention after she ran onto the pitch during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham on Saturday. Wolanski wore a very revealing swimsuit that at one point left her entirely exposed, and pictures of Wolanski soon went viral across the internet. The Sun noted that after the mad dash to find out her identity, Kinsey saw an increase in Instagram followers unlike almost anything seen before.

“Her antics sent the 22-year-old’s Instagram followers from 230,000 followers to over a million in the space of a night,” the report noted.

But it didn’t stop there. Wolanski continued to rack up followers until she hit the 2 million mark, but then just as quickly as the attention came, the account closed. Those who tried to access Wolanski’s page were met with an error message, and the model scrambled to explain to her suddenly enormous fan base what had happened.

As Wolanski explained on a hastily created Twitter account, her account had been hacked. It was not clear when — or if — it might be back up again.

But Kinsey Wolanski has plenty of other attention in the meantime. After her viral pitch invasion, Wolanski appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show in Australia and explained what happened after her famous jaunt around Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

“They took me down to the police station and they kept me for about five hours and then they let me go,” she said, via

“At the stadium they gave me a hospital gown so I ended up in jail in a hospital gown.”

Wolanski was later released.

The stunt was more than just self-promotion. Wolanski was also drawing attention to boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s X-rated pranks site, called Vitaly Uncensored. She wore the site’s name on her shirt, leading to a surge in attention for the racy site as well.

As the website 247 Sports noted, Kinsey’s pitch invasion seemed to be a page directly out of her boyfriend’s playbook.

“Zdorovetskiy was in the stands as Wolanski ran on the field. He recorded the footage, and then posted multiple times to his Instagram account,” the report noted.

“Zdorovetskiy has over two million followers on Instagram. The YouTuber himself has a history of running onto the playing area at sporting events, and says he is banned from every stadium. In order to access the stadium, Zdorovetskiy wore a disguise that included a fake beard.”

It’s not clear yet if Kinsey Wolanski will get her Instagram page back up, but there are now more than 2 million people waiting for it to return.