Brazilian Bombshell Erika Gray Ditches Her Bikini Top, Shows Off Her Killer Curves In Racy Instagram Video

Erika Gray sure knows how to make a splash when she's pitching a product.

The Brazilian Instagram model shared a very racy video this week pitching Bang Energy Drink, but it was her incredible curves that got most of the screen time. In the video, Gray wore a skimpy bikini bottom and ditched the top entirely, showing off plenty of cleavage through an open denim shirt. Gray held the can of energy drink as the camera panned across her voluptuous body, showing her taking a slow sip as she adjusted her bikini.

The video really got the attention of Erika's followers, garnering more than 10,000 likes and scores of supportive comments in a matter of minutes after she posted it. Many seemed more interested in Erika's assets than the product she was promoting.

"My Sunday is complete," one person wrote.

"Yaaay!" another added.

The Brazilian beauty is no stranger to using the social media platform to advance her career. Erika Gray has shot into the upper stratus of Instagram models, building an enormous following largely through the very revealing videos and pictures she shares.

Gray always seems to have an eye on revenue, as well. While many Instagram models fill their feeds with skin-baring shots from the beach or impromptu bikini sessions in front of the mirror, Gray's feed is filled with sponsored posts --- though equally as racy as anything other models can offer.

But for Erika Gray, Instagram is not solely about making money. The model has also used the platform to promote body positivity, which was seen in a recent picture she shared wearing nothing on top, holding only a bouquet of roses to keep from violating the site's strict rules against nudity.

In the photo's caption, Gray told her followers that she was happy with her body and with showing it off.

"I am in charge of how i feel and today I'm choosing happiness & be naked around the house," she wrote.

The post appeared to be the partner of a previous Instagram post of herself wearing nothing on bottom this time, holding only a watermelon wedge to keep herself covered up.

Gray's increasingly growing stature and her ever-rising subscriber count has gotten her attention outside of Instagram as well. The sport/entertainment website Barstool Sports featured her in a section called "Wake Up with Erika Gray" that helped bring a big jump in followers, helping her to top 3 million in total today.