Donald Trump Impeachment Support Now Tops 40 Percent In New Poll, Fewer Republicans Say Democrats ‘Overreach’

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As Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to oppose beginning impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, a growing number of House rank-and-file Democrats say they are hoping Pelosi will change her mind about impeachment in the month of June, Politico reported. On Sunday, a new poll appeared to show a trend that could push Pelosi in the direction of impeachment.

While a majority of Americans remain reluctant to see impeachment proceedings against Trump begin, according to the new CNN/SSRS poll, a growing number now favor impeachment. The poll found that 41 percent of Americans now favor impeachment, the highest percentage since December of 2018 when an even more impressive 43 percent wanted to see Trump impeached.

But the number dropped in CNN/SSRS polls taken in March and April of this year when only 36 and 37 percent said they were in favor of impeachment. The increase in the overall percentage of Americans who want to see Tromp impeached is being driven by Democrats, according to a CNN summary of the poll. Apparently, Democrats have regained their taste for impeachment proceedings, with 76 percent, more than three out of four, favoring the proceedings that could, at least in theory, end with Trump’s removal from office.

That percentage of Democrats is up from 69 percent in April, according to CNN.

Nancy Pelosi speaks.
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to oppose the impeachment of Donald Trump.Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

Even Republicans, according to the poll, have softened their attitudes — if not toward actual impeachment then at least toward the House Democrats continuing investigations of Trump. In April, 84 percent of Republicans said that Democrats were “overreaching” by continuing to investigate Trump’s business affairs and his connections to Russia. But in the new poll, the percentage of Republicans who say Democrats have overreached is down to 76 percent.

The poll also shows Trump with a 43 percent approval rating, a number that has remained largely unchanged for most of the year. While Trump started 2019 at 40 percent approval according to the CNN poll, he registered 42 percent in March, and 43 percent in April, a number that has remained static into early June.

Trump’s approval rating in the CNN poll is basically consistent with his approval rating in the average of all polls compiled by the data site In the overall average, Trump’s approval stands at 41.5 percent — lower than any previous president since Harry Truman in 1947, at the same point in his term, 864 days since the inauguration — except one.

Only President Jimmy Carter in 1979 registered a lower approval rating than Trump at the same point in his term, coming in at 32.1 percent. Carter in 1979 was dogged by a dismal economy with a demoralizing 11.22 percent inflation rate, according to, which in turn took a severe toll on Carter’s popularity.