Aubrey O'Day Flaunts Famous Hourglass Figure In A Bikini On Instagram

Aubrey O'Day has an incredible hourglass figure, so it's no wonder that her Instagram feed is filled with amazing shots of her in various swimwear, lingerie, and more. Her newest post follows a series of swimsuit pics, all of which seem to have been taken during the same photoshoot. Aubrey was spotted in a white, crochet bikini. The top and bottoms matched, as they were made of the same fabric and featured tassels. The small tassels hung on the bottom of the top, while they embellished her hips on the bottoms.

O'Day also added pizzaz to the look with several accessories, including a giant straw hat that would be impossible to miss. Interestingly enough, there was a giant safety pin that she clipped to the side of the hat, perhaps to create the right shape for the shot. She also wore multiple bracelets on her left wrist, along with several short necklaces. Her makeup looked great, as her lips shone thanks to a glossy lipstick. The lighting of the photo gave it a somewhat surreal look, as she was drenched in orange light from the right side.

It's not unusual for Aubrey's photos to have a sense of surrealism, as she sometimes incorporates Photoshopped elements. A good example of this is a swimsuit photo that she shared a while back, which showed her sitting on top of some sand with a bunny sitting to her right. More likely than not, the bunny was added into the photo later. And because of the perfectly slanted shadows and multiple light sources, it's possible that the backdrop was also Photoshopped. Whatever the case, she looked absolutely glamorous in a white one-piece that had a giant cutout to show off her cleavage.

O'Day has received tons of media attention for her prior relationship with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. But it wasn't just that, she also received attention due to rumors that she previously had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump Jr., as reported by TMZ. It also appears that once Donald Trump got wind of the affair, that he told his son to stop seeing Aubrey and "focus on his marriage to make it work." Supposedly after that talk, Jr. heeded his father's warning and did just that. One of the worst repercussions of these rumors was that people called Aubrey a "home wrecker," insinuating that she was to blame for Jr.'s divorce from his previous wife, Vanessa.

But now, all that's in the rearview. Aubrey is obviously keeping things fresh on her Instagram page, and her 927,000 fans can hopefully look forward to more amazing updates in the coming days.