Bella Hadid Goes Braless Under Open Jacket While Sipping On A Slurpee On Instagram

Mizuki Hisaka

Bella Hadid recently did a photoshoot for Vogue Spain, and the results are as stunning as any of her fans could have hoped for. In particular, there was a casual yet super sexy photo of her that made it on to Instagram. The shot showed Bella sitting inside a classic vehicle, as she grabbed onto the door frame with her left hand and held a Slurpee in her right hand. The model went braless, and left her multiple long shirts and jackets unbuttoned. That left her cleavage exposed, as she looked into the distance while placing the yellow straw in her mouth. Her makeup emphasized her cheekbones thanks to the dark blush, and her glossy lipstick added a flirty vibe. The image was shot by Zoey Grossman, who shared the outtake with her fans.

Meanwhile, Hadid is keeping her fans updated with some amazing photos, including one of her outfit that she posted eight hours ago. In the update, the model wore a black Dior sweater along with a backpack. The backpack had large straps and a clip that snapped shut in the front. Bella styled the look with a black chain necklace and chic black sunglasses. Although she was photographed looking down, it was possible to still see that she wore pink eyeshadow, and pulled her hair back into a tight bun or ponytail.

Fans may also be interested to hear what Bella had to say about her face, which has become widely recognized thanks to her amazing modeling talents. She opened up to The Guardian about her career.

"People meet me sometimes and say: 'You're so different to what I expected.' People always tell me I seem mean or intimidating on social media. But I really love engaging with new people... I feel uncomfortable, sometimes, smiling in front of the camera. It actually took me until probably this year to really understand my face."