Abigail Ratchford Shows Off Massive Cleavage In Fiery Red Bikini Top On Instagram

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Maxim model Abigail Ratchford got up close and personal with her fans when she shared an extreme close-up photo of her cleavage on Instagram. In the post, Abigail is wearing a red bikini top but it’s hard to notice it since her decolletage dominates most of the photo. As of writing, the post has received over 60,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Most of those comments are numbers because, in the caption, Abigail promises to follow the person who correctly the number she’s thinking about.

But some fans completely ignored the contest and chose to shower the brunette beauty with compliments instead.

“I never seen such a more strikingly beautiful woman in my life,” one fan wrote.

“This is a beautiful picture of you,” another fan commented.

Abigail has become known for engaging with her Instagram followers in this way. In her previous post, she asked her fans to suggest a theme for her next calendar. Some of the suggestions included Game Of Thrones, Naughty Disney Princesses, and Snapchat Filters, among others.

The 27-year-old model has not announced the theme that she eventually chose as yet. Her previous calendar was Cosplay inspired.

Although Abigail gets lots of adoring comments on her Instagram photos, the feedback that she gets online isn’t always positive. In a 2016 interview with Galore Magazine, she opened up about how she deals with all of the hate she receives.

“People have always bullied me over social media. I’m used to it by now,” she said. “I’ve had people create fake accounts of me and say things like I’m fat, overweight, ugly, etc. The way I feel is if I was ugly, fat, overweight etc., would you really be spending time putting in all this energy to hate on me? I doubt it.”

Abigail went on to add that she’s made a habit of ignoring her haters and never addresses them directly in the comment sections of her posts.

“I hope that they find peace within themselves so that they don’t have such hateful thoughts and words towards others in the future,” she added.

It’s clear that Abigail is focused on connecting with the people who enjoy her content. As Haute Living reports, in November of last year, she launched an app on the Escapex platform which allows her most invested followers to get exclusive perks, like live videos, fan shout outs, and the photos that she doesn’t share on Instagram.

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