‘General Hospital’ Star Tristan Rogers Promises ‘A Lot Of Surprises’ Soon

Michael YadaABC Press

Robert Scorpio is a General Hospital icon. Ever since his adventures with Luke and Laura back in the 1980’s, this character has been a fan-favorite and he is still going strong. Actor Tristan Rogers has been more on the soap these days than off and that makes viewers happy. He also dropped a major tidbit that he will be sticking around for the summer with a possible juicy story line as well.

Robert and Anna have shared an amazing past together. Their love story has been one of the most iconic on General Hospital, but the romance between them is now gone. However, they have remained the best of friends. Anna is now engaged to Finn after a very strange lost ring fiasco. Many viewers were confused after watching Robert keep and then lose Finn’s engagement ring. Last week, he also had a intimate moment with Anna. She is now out of the country looking for her twin sister Alex, so it looked like Robert would be gone as well. But a recent tweet from Rogers just confirmed that he isn’t done just yet.

A fan posted a screen shot of Robert and Anna last week right before she left town saying that they needed more of them together. Rogers caught sight of that and posted back hinting at some great things to come.

“Stand by for a lot of surprises. Stuff u can’t imagine. We start shooting this Tuesday.”

General Hospital fans are thrilled that he won’t be straying out of town again. But what kind of surprises is he referring to? This post has fans trying to guess what the soap has in store for this beloved character.

Since filming begins this week, it is doubtful that Anna will be involved in these recent scenes with Robert. Actress Finola Hughes is off on her summer vacation, most likely for several weeks or possibly the whole summer. That means she won’t be around to be shooting scenes right now. However, there is a chance that she will be involved later on when she gets back if that story line continues for a while.

Hayden Barnes is slated to return to Port Charles this summer. Robert Scorpio will have a lot to say about that. With Anna gone and Finn alone without her, Hayden’s return is expected to put a snag into Finn and Anna’s impending marriage.

Many fans are hoping that the big surprise is that Emma Samms will reprise her role as Holly Scorpio, the other love of Robert’s life. He had recently mentioned to Anna that he and Holly were taking a break from each other. That mention could possibly mean that her return is at hand.

This hint has fans excited to see what is coming up for Robert Scorpio on General Hospital soon. Keep checking back for more updates and spoilers as they come along.