Princess Diana To Be Honored With A Square In Paris

Pascal RondeauGetty Images

Plans are in the works to honor Princess Diana with a square in her name honoring her in Paris. In August, it will be 22 years since the British royal died in a car crash in the city, and many believe it’s time to name something in honor of the mother of Princes William and Harry.

Town & Country reports that the plaza will be named Place Diana Princesse de Galles, which roughly translates to Diana, Princess of Wales Square. The space is where people in Paris have left flowers or other reminders or tributes to the princess, and currently, The Flame of Liberty is in the spot proposed to honor the Princess of Wales.

Officially renaming the spot is up to a vote in the Paris council at the end of June, but it is thought to be a done deal says local media.

“The new name will be officially inaugurated after a vote by the Paris council in June. Officials say the decision is firm and the change is certain to be approved.”

Other memorials have been built to honor the late princess in the U.K., including the Memorial Garden at Kensington Palace and one at her ancestral home, Althorp, where her brother, Charles Spencer lives.

There have been plans in place to move Princess Diana’s remains from Althorp closer to London to be closer to Prince William, Prince Harry, and their families, according to The Inquisitr. The site at Althorp is managed by the brother of the princess, Earl Spencer, but complaints have been made about the way he has kept up the grounds and the memorial to Diana.

Restoration is underway to restore the gardens at Althorp according to the park services.

“Princess Diana is buried in an area called the Oval Lake within Althorp Park’s Pleasure Garden. In advance of the 20th anniversary, the wife of Earl Spencer is overseeing a renovation of the Oval Lake, as they are expecting a surge of visitors to pay their respects to Princess Diana at Althorp.”

But friends of Princess Diana, like her personal chef, Darren McGrady, have publicly complained that there is an overgrowth of vegetation on the island where the princess is at rest. Others say that the warm weather has caused an overgrowth of algae in the pond.

But the estate argues that the temple which contains Princess Diana’s remains is only worked on once a year, but the pond is laid out intentionally to thwart grave robbings, which have been attempted over the years.