Arianny Celeste Gets Flirty In A Sheer Bra On Instagram

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

Arianny Celeste is known not just for her role as a UFC ring girl, but also as a model. Her Instagram posts garner tons of likes on a regular basis, with Arianny sharing a mix of professional and personal shots. In her newest update, she posed in a sheer, black lace bra under a pink jacket with large buttons at the cuffs. The bra had a black portion at the bottom, but the top was sheer with lace designs. She sat on the edge of a chair and placed her right elbow on the table. Her makeup was on point as she rocked shimmery purple and silver eyeshadow along with glossy lipstick. Her tattoo was visible on her inner right wrist. The photographer who took the image was Mark Sacro, who specializes in fashion and lifestyle photography.

And yesterday, Celeste revealed a new poster that’s for a meet and greet event taking place on Friday, June 7. It’s a great chance for her fans to meet her in person, and it’ll be at the Joy District in Chicago. The photo that was picked for the poster was of her in a plaid tank top and shorts. In fact, Arianny shared the original photo that was used for the shot a couple of days ago. Since then, a graphic designer embellished the image for something that’s very eye-catching.

And while Arianny often posts pics of herself in lingerie and swimwear, she also throws in photos of casual outfits too. This was the case four days ago when she shared an Instagram post of herself in a lavender ensemble. This included a sports bra and high-waisted pants, both of which were the exact same shade of purple. She even accessorized with a lavender belt, along with a long pendant necklace. Her earrings peeked through her curly hair, and she gave a sultry look.

In other news, Arianny previously revealed how she got started in the modeling industry, as reported by the Daily Hive.

“I just took pictures and I submitted it myself to agencies, and an agency was interested, so from there I just did a lot of work with them.”

“You know, I always was concerned about schooling, and my parents were very strict so, that was very important to me, but then, working with UFC really opened up a lot of doors for me so now I’m more focussed on entertainment…” she added, describing how her role with the UFC has changed her life and given her new opportunities.