Sexy Halsey Gets Spicy With Yungblud On Wango Tango Stage For ’11 Minutes’

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Halsey showed up raring to entertain at Wango Tango 2019 for her set on Saturday. Her performance at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Compton, California, came before The Jonas Brothers were on board. The siblings, who are currently enjoying a comeback, might have realized before going on that Halsey would be a hard act to follow given her massive popularity these days.

While her performances were mostly done solo, Halsey was assisted when “11 Minutes” was ready to roll. That was when Brit Yungblud joined New Jersey-ite Halsey on the California stage. If certain members of the audience didn’t already know how close the artists who wrote this song together have become, that fact did become apparent very soon. Indeed, the two are a couple on and off the stage, too.

In this instance, their duet was during the fourth of six songs on Halsey’s setlist. The pair looked like they have been musically linked for years yet their physical connection seemed new and electric. Yungblud is as highly energetic as Halsey, and he showed that aspect of himself at Wango Tango while his girlfriend appeared to be stuck on seducing him from the get-go of their song together.

When they sang, Halsey rocked a skimpy top allowing for a naked midriff. Her brunette hair, which was likely a wig, was short and sassy. Meanwhile, the bottom half of her retro vintage, tie-dyed outfit was skin tight, with rips in a number of strategic places while showing the singer’s curves as if she was wearing nothing at all.

Yungblud rocked pink socks and black skinny jeans. He matched his girl’s ensemble by wearing a long sleeve, tie-dyed-shirt under a short sleeve, black t-shirt that had some sort of message on the front.

As was previously stated, Halsey is very popular these days. She appeals to nearly 14 million followers on Instagram while Yungblud has a mere 668,400 followers on the social media site. But never fear. The gritty English artist, 21, is growing his fan base, having dropped his first album — called 21st Century Liability and which includes songs like “Psychotic Kids” and “Medication”– just last year. Meanwhile, the sassy American singer, 24, enjoys a head start over her younger man, having debuted her first EP called Room 93 in 2014.

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The pair have only been a couple for some six months, about the same amount of time as the two have collaborated. Although they come from either side of the Atlantic, the couple has a lot in common. They both come from small towns, they both admit to having at least a hint of OCD, and they both admire each other’s artistic prowess. And that’s just a small sample of their compatibility.

As for how these artists got together? They initially connected over Instagram, with Halsey sending Yungblud a direct message that contained her cell number and a black heart. Halsey dubs the preparation for this first encounter “the DM slide,” as reported in an interview by 97.1 AMP Radio earlier this year.

Talk a great story for these two to tell their kids if things keep going the way they are for Halsey and Yungblud.