Courteney Cox Imitates Jared Leto’s Look, Beard And All

Nicholas HuntGetty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Courteney Cox decided to have a little fun at Jared Leto’s expense, or at least that seems to have been her intention. Actually, the outcome could mean that Leto was honored, especially if he believes that the saying, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”– an 1820 Charles Caleb Colton’s quote that has turned into a well-worn adage — is true.

The 47-year-old artist and the 54-year-old actress sure do resemble each other, at least in a side-by-side comparison. Of course, Courteney prepared for her Instagram shot, posted yesterday. She did so right down to the clothes she wore and the beard she rocked.

The Friends star chose to wear denim as her main fashion statement, a frequent sartorial pick for the musician-actor. She added a very real looking beard and mustache, like Leto’s. And she enhanced her eyebrows, also matching Jared’s.

The two luminaries are blessed with dynamic blue-gray eyes, and they both rock long and luscious locks of brunette hair. Their lips are similar but Jared’s lower lip appears to be a wee bit plumper than Courteney’s. Cox placed aviator sunglasses on her head, something that Jared is apt to do.

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Jared Leto vibes today. #feelinggorgeous

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One detail Cox didn’t address for her Leto transformation was her very feminine, two-tiered necklace that features a heart made of diamonds. She apparently decided not to shed her baubles but still, Courteney did a very fine job.

That job elicited a lot of compliments and other kinds of responses, many from other celebrities.

David Spade said, “Good g-d” while comparing the two shots. The actor-comedian called the impersonator’s final product “solid” in another comment.

Meanwhile, Zack Braff wrote “Courteney Cox vibes today. Gorgeous,” offering a response that keeps in mind the actress’s caption for her own photo.

Justin Theroux and Gwyneth Paltrow also responded to Courteney’s post, each by adding four emojis that mean crying and laughing at the same time.

As of this writing, nearly 5,000 followers liked Cox’s transformation out of her total of 2.1 million Instagram fans.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Cox and Leto have been called out for their similar looks. When both celebrities wore their hair in shorter bobs, Cheezburger did a side-by-side comparison with Cox looking like her natural self. At that time, Jared did not have any facial hair.

While comparing this more recent shot of Courteney Cox as compared to a shot of Jared Leto without the benefit of seeing their names being shared, fans of both parties are apt to ask, “Will the real Jared Leto please stand up?” Fair enough.