Canadian Lingerie Model Danielle Knudson Flaunts Flawless Decolletage In Tiny Pink Sundress

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

As one of the hardest working models in the business, Canadian stunner Danielle Knudson rarely disappoints her fans. Her frequent shares to popular social media platform Instagram see her rocking a variety of clothing — from summer sundresses to barely-there boyshorts — and her confidence is truly contagious. In her most recent share, the blonde bombshell can be seen enjoying a garden party, one apparently attached to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.

In this particular share, one comprised of three similar yet somewhat different images, Danielle can be seen sporting an absolutely gorgeous pink sundress. The low-cut nature of the neckline being presented by the pink sundress in question lends itself to emphasizing the models fair and flawless decolletage, hinting at a bit of cleavage at the same time. The tailored waistline showcases Danielle’s svelte silhouette to perfection, emphasizing her flat stomach and shapely hips. An equally immodest hemline flashes the Canadian beauty’s supple thighs and long, slender legs.

In the second image of the set, Danielle shoots a coy, coquettish smile at the camera. Her dark eyes pierce the camera lens, staring down the photographer. Finally, her strong shoulders and back are brought into focus.

In the third and final snapshot, Danielle backs up against an elaborate garden wall, one designed to look like a dense hedge. Golden flowers creep up the greenery behind her, and an embossed version of the sponsoring company’s logo — one composed of mossy material — can also be seen. Danielle accessorized her garden party ensemble with a tan clutch and strappy heels.

In the caption attached to the three pictures, Danielle thanked Veuve Clicquot, and let her fans know that she had really enjoyed the event. Her fans also seemed to react positively to the share as a whole, quickly taking to the post to award it over 100 comments and 4,500-plus likes.

“That dress looks incredible on you,” one admirer gushed, adding a litany of romantic emoticons to their message for emphasis.

“Of course, you always look Beautiful and are such a Class Act but THAT DRESS. WOW, that Dress. Look Out. You might get arrested in several states And that should not be worn around individuals operating heavy machinery, lest you be responsible for a major industrial accident. A Hall of Fame Candidate,” a second supporter remarked, at length. This user added a trio of blazing flame emoji as well as several other emoticons to get their point across.

Always having fun and almost always smiling, Danielle Knudson is seeing her star rise as of late. Her fans and followers appreciate the effort she puts into each and every post, and can’t wait to see what the Canadian lingerie model will offer next.