Alan Dershowitz: ‘I Think We Have Seen The Death Knell Of Special Prosecutors’

John LamparskiGetty Images

Professor emeritus at Harvard Law School and Trump ally Alan Dershowitz blasted Robert Mueller on Sunday, predicting that he will be “the last special counsel,” The Washington Examiner reports.

Dershowitz went on Fox News to discuss the impromptu press conference Mueller held earlier this week. During the briefing, Mueller revealed that he had adhered to the Justice Department’s longstanding policy which states that no sitting president can be indicted, implicitly calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Mueller cleared Trump and members of his campaign of conspiracy with Russia, stopping short of accusing the president of obstruction of justice. Had there even been a crime, Mueller revealed, Trump would not have been charged with it anyway. According to Dershowitz, this is problematic in and of itself.

“Why did we have a special counsel at all?” the lawyer asked, suggesting that it had been pointless to appoint a special prosecutor when the president cannot be indicted regardless whether there was proof of criminal activity or not.

Per Dershowitz, appointing a special prosecutor was a mistake. Instead, a “nonpartisan independent expert commission” should have been established in order to examine the role Russia allegedly played in the 2016 presidential election.

Criticizing Mueller’s alleged bias, Dershowitz said that the former FBI Director is likely “the last special counsel.”

“I suspect we have seen the last special counsel. I think we have seen the death knell of special prosecutors, special counsel. I think and I hope the Mueller report is the last special counsel report we ever have. It’s inconsistent with the role of prosecutors. It’s inconsistent with the presumption of innocence. And it’s inconsistent with the constitutional system of separation of powers.”

Robert Mueller’s press conference reignited the flames of impeachment, prompting even more Democratic lawmakers to call for an inquiry. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Trump addressed the issue as well, dismissing the possibility of being impeached, and suggesting that the Supreme Court would never allow that to happen.

Legal experts disputed the president’s claims, pointing out that the Constitution explicitly states that impeachment is an entirely congressional process and that it has nothing to do with the courts.

It has been rumored that Trump got the idea that the courts would block impeachment from Alan Dershowitz. In an op-ed penned for The Hill, the lawyer responded to critics, defending his argument, and stating that the Supreme Court could intervene based on Marbury v. Madison, which empowers justices to solve conflicts between different branches of government.