Meghan Markle Dips Below Kate Middleton In Terms Of Likability In British Polls

Dominic Lipinski Getty Images

America has widely embraced and supported Meghan Markle, the American-born wife of Prince Harry. She’s been praised for her fashion choices, her tendency to be vocal regarding political issues, and the independence and class with which she has carried herself as the Duchess of Sussex. Her debut into the royal family wasn’t necessarily a smooth one. She was the target of some cruel rumors and the issues within her own family were displayed for the world to see. Still, she held on to her dignity throughout it all. So what is there not to like about this actress turned royal? While Markle may be supported and well liked in America, she’s still rated below Kate Middleton in British polls, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet.

It’s not just that Middleton tends to rate far higher than Markle in terms of likability in British polls, but in fact, Markle has been rated the second least liked member of the royal family. It was previously thought that once Markle gave birth to the royal baby she would begin to shoot ahead in the polls. Nevertheless, the birth of Archie has yet to show much of an overall difference.

One thing that could certainly explain the Duchess of Sussex’s lower likability rating is the rumors that have swirled around about her in the media since she was first involved with Prince Harry. Being a member of the royal family is not without its drawbacks. She has had to give up a huge portion of her privacy, her career as an actress, and any sense of anonymity she had previously in life. She has become one of the most talked about women in the world and can’t seem to avoid outlandish rumors. Even her own father and half-sister have thrown her under the bus in recent months in order to bring further attention to themselves.

While it may be difficult to specify the exact reason that Markle doesn’t do as well in British polls as Middleton, she was lucky enough not to end up as the number one least liked member of the royal family. Camilla Parker Bowles still holds on to that title. Camilla has only a 24 percent approval rating while Markle is at 39 percent.

Some people were surprised by the recent polls, with one Twitter user stating that they believe Parker Bowles is actually moving up in terms of likability.

“Duchess of Cornwall is far from the most hated Royal. She is as far as I can tell from my reading of comments of [Parker Bowles] being very well accepted these days. Far more accepted than Meghan,” the user said.