Support For Donald Trump’s Impeachment Continues To Rise Among Democrats, Poll Shows

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Support for Donald Trump’s impeachment is steadily rising among Democrats, a new poll shows.

The new CNN poll found that the number of Americans backing impeachment has reached 54 percent, up from 43 percent in December. The increase came mostly from a growing sentiment among Democrats that impeachment proceedings against the president should begin — 76 percent of Democrats were in favor, up from 69 percent in April. The poll also found increasing support for impeachment among white voters who hold college degrees, with the number in this group going up from 30 percent in April to 41 percent in the latest poll.

Previous sentiments that Democrats were going too far in their investigation of Trump has gone down as well, the poll found.

“Slightly fewer now say that Democrats are overreaching in their investigations of Trump (40% feel that way in the new poll, compared with 44% in April), and a majority continue to feel that Trump is not doing enough to cooperate with those investigations (53%, was 54% in April),” the CNN report noted. “Surprisingly, the softening on whether Democrats are overreaching seems to come largely among Republicans: 84% said they were doing too much in April, it’s 76% now.”

There has also been increasing support from Republican groups and some prominent GOP members to move ahead with impeachment proceedings. A group called Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL) this week released a video showing three conservative legal experts who explained how the final Russia report detailed obstruction of justice on Trump’s part, Newsweek reports.

The video showed that the summary offered by Attorney General William Barr, which Trump took as an exoneration of himself, was not an accurate depiction of the report.

“When I finally had the opportunity to read the Mueller report itself, I realized that the Barr summary was not a fair and accurate summary of what the Mueller report contained,” said Paul Rosenzweig, the deputy assistant secretary of Homeland Security under former president George W. Bush.

The first Congressional Republican also joined in calls for impeachment this week, with Michigan Rep. Justin Amash saying that Trump must face impeachment hearings.

He joined an increasing number of Congressional Democrats who were openly calling for impeachment, though this group has still been at odds with Democratic Party leadership more hesitant to move forward. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been cautious in pushing forward without or until there is strong support from a larger group of Republicans, and others have said that the American people must be strongly behind the impeachment effort. It was not clear of the new polls showing increasing support may have changed that sentiment.