Republican Senator Asks People To Sign A Birthday Card For Donald Trump, It Doesn’t Go As He Hoped

Joe RaedleGetty Images

A Republican senator asked supporters to sign a birthday card for Donald Trump, but he didn’t get the reaction he likely hoped.

Texas Senator John Cornyn posted a tweet about Trump’s upcoming birthday, which was actually still more than two weeks away, but Cornyn apparently likes to plan ahead, asking his supporters to sign a card attached to Corny’s re-election website.

But instead of well-wishes, Cornyn’s tweet was filled with attacks on the president, racking up more than 2,200 comments and just 30 re-tweets — one of the worst ratios possible in a social media field where there is not much worse than the dreaded “ratio.”

People didn’t hold back in expressing their real feelings with Trump’s performance.

“Hey, King Donald, stop embarrassing America and throwing tariff tantrums just because you’re mad that Robert Mueller contradicted Barr, your stooge at the DoJ. Wishing you a bigly unhappy birthday!” wrote one person in a not-so-happy birthday message.

“Seriously? You want me to sign a happy birthday card for an adulterous dictatorial monster? I’d rather cut my lawn with a lady bic razor one grass at a time,” another person added.

Many took the time to point out that while John Cornyn appeared to be sucking up to the president now, he had previously been a critic. Back in October of 2016, after the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, Cornyn joined a number of other Republicans in condemning Trump’s words and what appeared to be bragging about sexually assaulting women.

“I am disgusted by Mr. Trump’s words about women: our daughters, sisters and mothers,” Cornyn tweeted.

But others noted that John Cornyn appeared to have an ulterior motive with his “birthday card” for Donald Trump, and an obvious one at that. Those who wanted to sign the birthday card were prompted to share their name and email address, which appeared to be building a mailing list for Cornyn’s re-election campaign. At the bottom of the birthday card page, users were prompted to donate to Cornyn’s campaign with several pre-set amounts.

The Texas Republican may need all the help he can get. As Politico noted, Cornyn appears to be headed for a very difficult re-election campaign, especially after the difficult campaign for fellow Texas Republican Ted Cruz in 2018.

“We’ve gotten complacent,” Cornyn said in a recent interview interview. “The tectonic plates shifted in Texas in 2018 and I think everybody realized we need to do something different and to address those concerns or else we’re in trouble.”

That new approach may include using a birthday card for Donald Trump to build the campaign mailing list.