Lamar Odom Responds To Wendy Williams’ Comments About His Tell-All Book

Rich FuryGetty Images

NBA player Lamar Odom was once a beloved staple of the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After years of searching, it seemed that Khloe Kardashian had finally found her soulmate. After only a short period of time dating, the two became engaged and later married. At first, it seemed that they were a pair made in heaven. They were loved by fans and even got their own spinoff television program. Nevertheless, it all fell apart when Odom fell into addiction and ended up cheating on Kardashian. He has now written a tell-all book in which he talks about his journey from near-death via overdose to recovery. Wendy Williams shared her thoughts on the book, according to TooFab.

After splitting from Kardashian, Odom was found having overdosed at a brothel. For weeks, it appeared that he was not likely to survive without significant brain damage if he made it through at all. However, miraculously he was able to recover and is now reportedly sober. His tell-all, which is titled A Memoir: From Darkness To Light, holds nothing back in divulging scandalous details from his past and low points from his marriage to Kardashian.

Talk show host Wendy Williams gave her opinion about the book while on air during The Wendy Williams Show. As it turns out, Williams is personally a fan of Odom and even recalled an act of kindness the athlete showed her many years ago. During a rather challenging time in her life, she recalled that Odom bought her a pair of jeans after running into her in a store. Though she didn’t know who he was until later, his generosity stuck with her.

She went on to tell her audience that she had instructed all of her staff members to read Odom’s book. His message is particularly important to Williams as she herself is a recovering addict. Just a short time ago, she revealed publicly that she was staying in a sober house to get her own issues with substance abuse under control.

Odom responded to her positive sentiments, thanking her for using her platform to promote it.

“Hi Wendy, I love you too. Thanks for telling your audience that my book should be #1 in the universe and I really can’t agree more. I think that US being both recovering addicts, we get to see the world from a different perspective and are actually DECIDING to use our celebrity status and influence to inspire people and sell a message of hope. A message of change and self love.”