Kim Kardashian Poses Like A Modern Day Cleopatra On Instagram

JP KimGetty Images

In the first of five sequential posts, Kim Kardashian appears to be channeling Cleopatra. Today’s Instagram entry has the hot reality star reclining on a simple white lounge while stretching her lithe body into a pose that appears to emulate ways in which the ancient Egyptian ruler was said to have appeared in public.

In the photograph, Kim’s face is especially regal as she lifts her head just a bit, appearing to peer down as if she was among her admirers who had gathered before her. The brunette beauty donned a skin-tight bodysuit that covered her from her neck to her ankles, and was paired with long white gloves, bejeweled at the elbow.

Unlike previous images of this pop icon, like the one formerly talked about in The Inquisitr, Kim was not showing much skin at all, save for the space between her shoulders and her upper arm.

As for Kim’s hair, it was stick straight. And although she did not wear any of her lush strands in tiny braids covered in elaborate baubles like Elizabeth Taylor did when she played Cleopatra, Kardashian’s sleek style could easily have been transformed that way. In fact, that might happen, given that the 38-year-old has a penchant to switch up her hairdo on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, Kim’s pose changed with every shot during Saturday’s photo shoot. The second in the deck features Kardashian in a similar stance as the first. She is still wearing the same embellished white outfit, paired with the same edgy white stilettos. However, this time she stares directly into the camera as she twists her body, her tiny waist becoming this snap’s focal point.

For the third picture, Kim is sitting upright in a provocative pose that reeks of sexuality. She spreads her arms out along the edge of the lounge, giving the viewer a better look at what she’s wearing, which is a garment that seems to be a little like a two-piece bathing suit added over the white and shimmery bodysuit with its tight turtleneck collar.

The fourth picture shows Kim being fitted by a glam squad that includes her daughter, North. The group is in a dressing room where clothes hang on racks. The star of the show, still wearing the white ensemble, has her long hair pulled up in a messy bun so her entourage can work her look to the best of their ability.

Then, in the last image, Kanye West’s wife looks as if she’s about to take on the world — or at least the white lounge that was her home base at the beginning of this shoot.

There is one obvious change in that final Instagram take of the day. Although she is still wearing her snazzy white outfit, Kim Kardashian’s hair is shown as short and curly and no longer long and straight like it was the way she wore it in previous shots in the same deck of photographs. This is proof positive that you never know how this beguiling brunette’s tresses will take a bow next.