Devon Windsor Rocks A Red Bikini On Instagram

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Devon Windsor shared a new bikini photo a couple of days ago, and over 14,700 of her fans have liked it so far. The picture had summer vibes, showing her posing in a red ensemble while perched on a rock formation at the beach. The red bikini had a bandeau-style top with matching bottoms, and she sat with her side facing the camera.

She wore a long brimmed straw hat with a black ribbon accent, and casually looked over her left shoulder. Her lips were slightly parted in the shot, and her makeup included mascara and dark eyeshadow. She also wore multiple small hoop earrings, along with a necklace.

But it’s not just swimsuits and beaches on Windsor’s feed, as she also took the time to share a photo of her chic outfit in late May. It consisted of a white dress shirt with corset-like accents on her chest, which she paired with denim capri pants. Plus, she wore bright white socks under cream-toned sneakers.

Devon completed the look with a clutch purse with pearl-like designs, along with a hexagon-shaped pair of sunglasses. She sat on a wooden bench, and leaned her chin casually on her left hand. Her red lipstick popped in the photo, as it was the brightest color she wore.

She recently posted pics from a very futuristic photo shoot in May. Some of the sneak peeks were amazing, including one where she was photographed with her head in a clear bubble. Her shirt was metallic silver with a high neckline. The model looked perfect for the part in a wig with blunt bangs and bobbed hairstyle. Fans loved the Instagram update, liking it over 11,000 times.

In other news, she previously spoke with Vogue about what it means to be a model versus an influencer.

“I think sometimes our generation wants it just like that. I think they see on Instagram people doing things, but they don’t see how long it has taken me to get there, or what I had to do. It’s not automatic, it’s hard work and dedication. I guess my mom and my manager always told me those things.”

Describing what it can be like to deal with rejection in the industry, she said the following.

“It is hard not to take it personally, because you do wonder why they wouldn’t want you. There are enough jobs for everyone, but just because you didn’t get that one doesn’t mean you’re not going to succeed,” she said.