MSNBC Host Says Democrats Wary Of Using Word ‘Impeachment’ Should Say ‘Criminal Activity’ Instead

Charly Triballeau - PoolGetty Images

MSNBC host Donny Deutsch offered on Saturday advice to Democratic politicians wary of using the word “impeachment,” Newsweek reports.

Observing that some Democrats appear hesitant to use the big I-word, Deutsch explained what his own solution to the problem would be.

“You take it from a binary choice of two lanes [and] you create a third lane,” he said.

“You take the word ‘impeachment’ and you change it to ‘criminal activity.'”

The host suggested that he shares the opinion of those wary about using the word “impeachment” to describe what’s ahead for the United States Congress, calling it a “losing word.”

“It’s a 30-year-old word that does not help us,” he said, insisting once again that the Democrats should simply forget about the word even existing and replace it with something else more descriptive of President Donald Trump’s behavior.

What the Democratic Party needs to do, according to Donny Deutsch, is completely re-frame the national debate about impeachment. Instead of using the dreaded word to describe Congressional investigations and similar activity, the Democrats should speak in broader terms about their inquiries.

“As of tomorrow, there will be the ongoing, Trump criminal investigations,” the host said.

Deutsch is not the only public figure disturbed by the very word “impeachment” — President Donald Trump feels the same way, it seems.

As The Inquisitr reported, while leaving the White House earlier this week, Trump stopped by to talk with reporters about the prospect of impeachment.

When pressed about the issue, Trump said that the word “impeach” is a “dirty, filthy, disgusting word.”

The president appeared surprised by the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s press conference had reignited calls for his removal, arguing that the Supreme Court would never allow impeachment to happen. Legal experts disputed the president’s claims, pointing out that the Supreme Court would have nothing to do with the process.

While Deutsch and Trump apparently dislike the word itself, the most powerful Democrat in the country, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has backed away from the very notion of impeachment.

Openly disagreeing with dozens of House Democrats and all Democratic presidential candidates, Pelosi has consistently argued against impeachment, suggesting that the Democrats should focus on building a stronger case against Trump before moving forward.

As NBC News reported, Pelosi spoke on Saturday at the California Democratic Party’s annual convention, once again refraining from calling for impeachment. The top Democrat suggested that the House continues investigating Trump, prompting the crowd to interrupt her speech with “impeach!” chants.