WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar Confirmed To Appear On ‘SmackDown Live’ This Week


When Vince McMahon introduced the “Wild Card Rule,” he said how it would be only four superstars from each brand randomly showing up on the other each week. He even went as far as to say that any more superstars appearing on opposite brands could end up being fined or fired. Now, things have taken a different turn and WWE is even personally confirming that one Monday Night Raw superstar will be on SmackDown Live this week.

The “Wild Card Rule” seemed kind of fun at first, as it would allow for random appearances on both the red and blue brands. Then, the WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced by Mick Foley, as reported by The Inquisitr, and it pretty much allows any number of superstars to jump brands each week.

The brand extension is still in place and WWE likely isn’t going to end it anytime soon, but plummeting ratings meant shaking things up. The “Wild Card Rule” and 24/7 Championship were to keep things random and spontaneous, but the jumps are now being advertised.

On the official website of WWE, the preview for this week’s SmackDown Live was released and it details one of the jumps happening. Former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss will be heading to the blue brand’s show this week for a special edition of “A Moment of Bliss.”

Bayley and Alexa Bliss pose for this week's "SmackDown Live."
Featured image credit: WWE

Alexa Bliss has won titles on both brands and been a dominating force in the WWE women’s division for a number of years. Ever since injuries began plaguing her time in the ring, though, she has been doing a bit more that doesn’t necessarily include getting active or physical.

This week, she will take her “A Moment of Bliss” segment to SmackDown Live and have SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley as her special guest. While Bliss may not have any particular problems with Bayley, she will most certainly want to rile things up.

“One week after Bayley’s hard-fought victory over Lacey Evans led to post-match chaos between The Lady and an interfering Charlotte Flair, the SmackDown Women’s Champion is scheduled to be Alexa Bliss’ special guest on ‘A Moment of Bliss.’ How will The Goddess of WWE stir the pot in an already highly volatile Women’s division?”

Depending on Bliss’ current health, she may or may not throw herself into the chase for the blue brand’s women’s championship. Bayley won it at Money In The Bank when she cashed in her briefcase on the same night that she won it. Charlotte Flair had just defeated Becky Lynch for the belt and Bayley found it a good time to cash in her shot, and she was successful.

Could Bliss end up wanting to get back into the chase for Bayley’s title? Either way, one has to wonder if she is counting as one of the “four” from Raw who can appear on SmackDown due to the “Wild Card Rule”?