‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin And Sonny Conspire Against Jax

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Jax is making his presence known on General Hospital since he got back into town, and he isn’t planning on leaving any time soon. While he was originally thought to be coming back to Port Charles to comfort his daughter Joss, he is now sticking around for a while, much to the dismay of Sonny Corinthos. The thought of having his wife’s ex close by to permanently torment him is not exactly sitting well with the mobster.

Sonny isn’t the only one who finds Jax incredibly annoying. The blond Australian has managed to get in Valentin Cassadine’s way as well. In Monday’s previews, he will head to the MetroCourt to see Sonny. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Valentin will want to discuss Jax with Sonny. This should be an interesting conversation between these two men. They both see Jax as the enemy but they are considered enemies as well.

Now it looks like they might team up to get Jax out of town. Sonny already had him deported the last time he was in Port Charles, but he promised not to do anything like that because of Josslyn. However, Valentin may just make him an offer he can’t refuse. Or the Cassadines may just want to get some information from Sonny so he can make a plan himself.

Last week on General Hospital, Valentin caught Jax in Nina’s office after he took over Crimson. Nina is obviously attracted to her new boss and that makes her fiance quite unhappy. Jax isn’t too concerned by Valentin, despite Alexis giving a warning to watch out for him.

Valentin has something to hide that would blow his wedding plans to Nina to pieces. If Jax should somehow get hold of that secret about Sasha, then he could definitely cause some trouble, but Valentin may stir up trouble for Jax first.

Even Michael knows that there is trouble brewing, as seen in a preview clip for Monday’s show. When Sasha mentioned that Jax just bought Crimson, Michael thought that was very curious. He knows that his dad will not be happy about that and realizes that Jax staying in town longer than expected will only cause more friction between him and Sonny.

What will Sonny tell Valentin that would be of interest to him? Will they work together to bring Jax down? Be sure to keep watching General Hospital this week to see what develops between these two.