WWE News: Eric Bischoff Reveals Who He Would Put In Today’s Version Of The NWO


During the “Monday Night Wars,” the New World Order (nWo) was easily one of the biggest reasons that WCW kept beating WWF/WWE in the ratings. The start of one of the biggest factions in wrestling history was iconic and it’s hard to believe that kind of fire could ever be duplicated again. That hasn’t stopped Eric Bischoff from putting together a current day version of the stable and he has chosen the superstars he’d put in first.

When Scott Hall showed up on WCW Monday Nitro, it was incredibly shocking to all wrestling fans. Next, Kevin Nash showed up and joined his good friend as The Outsiders and it appeared they were going to rule things by themselves, but then, they revealed a third member was coming.

Hulk Hogan turning heel and joined the nWo, which is seen as one of the most legendary moments in all of wrestling. Still, there was much more to the New World Order, as the group continued to grow, but that initial group was one to be remembered.

After WCW was no longer, Vince McMahon eventually introduced the nWo into WWE and he did it with Hogan, Hall, and Nash at the start. Speaking with Wrestling Travel, Bischoff was asked about his version of the nWo and if it could ever succeed today.

Bischoff spoke of Hogan turning heel, Hall, Nash, X-Pac, and Konnan and how all of those guys were “characters which really gave the nWo a personality.” He went on to say that “casting is really important” if you want it to work.

Dolph Ziggler enters the arena to head to the ring in WWE.
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Bischoff was asked who he would put into a modern-day version of the nWo, and, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc., he made some interesting choices.

“If I had to pick three people today, I’d probably start off with Dolph Ziggler. I think he’s one of the most underrated talents out there. He was an amateur wrestling champion and he’s got great comedic skills. He can be a serious, threatening competitor or a comedic personality, and I think you need that.”

It isn’t too hard for longtime wrestling fans to look at Ziggler and see how he could compare to Scott Hall when he debuted in WCW, but that isn’t the idea Bischoff has. He does have someone in mind for the role of Kevin Nash, though.

“For a Kevin Nash-type character, I might go with Roman Reigns if he can brace that heel character. Then you need that third guy. Scott Hall, as amazingly gifted as he is, he played kind of a coward. He hid often times behind Kevin Nash. That role would be harder to fill and I’d have to think more about that one.”

The New World Order was extremely popular and successful in its early days, but as time went on, it became too big and too saturated. Still, there is no denying how great it was, and the nWo may never be something that comes around again.

If Eric Bischoff were to have his way, though, he would start out the next version of the stable with WWE superstars Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns.