Lindsey Pelas Spills Out Of Sports Bra On Instagram

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Lindsey Pelas shared a brand new Instagram post a couple of days ago that showed her promoting the brand 1st Phorm. She held a water bottle with the brand’s name on it, along with a supplement bottle that was in the bottom right of the photo. The model looked great wearing a white sports bra and tight pink leggings. Her cleavage was on full display, along with her toned abs. She wore her hair down in a middle part, as she stood in the middle of a gym and its equipment. She leaned casually on her left elbow, as she lifted her arm for the shot. The update received over 65,000 likes from fans.

And that’s not to mention the two photos that she shared before and after the promo post. Pelas’ newest pic accentuated her derrière, as she struck a sexy pose on a red picnic table at the park. She wore black, skintight leggings with pink lace accents along the sides. She placed her right foot on the bench and arched her back. This update also referenced 1st Phorm, except this time, she talked about a podcast that she likes listening to. Lindsey’s hair looked especially good, with big curls to give it plenty of volume.

And prior to that, Lindsey shared a flirty photo of her derrière. The Instagram photo showed her posing with her back to the camera, as she wore a pair of very small daisy dukes. The shorts were super small, and the photo was taken from a lower angle to accentuate her curves. Pelas looked at the camera over her left shoulder and gave a small pout.

But with all of her amazing photos aside, Pelas is an outspoken proponent of female empowerment. She previously spoke with Baltisoul about what feminism and empowerment mean to her.

“I’ve been a feminist since I was a little girl. As soon as I learned the word I thought ‘yup I’m one of those.’ When I was so young, I always complained about ridiculous gender standards. I was pissed when my brother had a later curfew than me because he was a boy. I was pissed when I tried out for a cheer-leading team and learned I couldn’t speak to football players, or I’d be kicked off the team. I was pissed when I had to kneel in front of other students to make sure my school skirt touched the floor.”