Amanda Cerny Flaunts Toned Bod In A Bikini Top On Instagram

Arnold TurnerGetty Images

Amanda Cerny shared a brand new photo recently, and it features not just her but also a little turtle. In the update, the model was spotted wearing a white bikini top with black trim. It had ribbon accents too, which matched the black skirt coverup that she wore. Her toned midriff was exposed, and she posed with both of her hands out. She smiled widely, as she held a turtle in her right hand. Amanda wore her hair in a casual hairstyle, as she pulled her hair back and left some of her bangs out to frame her face. The update included not just the photo but also a video, as it was revealed that she was indeed holding a live turtle. She also joked that the turtle was in “party mode” because of the way it looked. The update has received over 246,000 likes in the past hour since it was posted.

But that’s not all, as she also shared a series of bikini pics several days ago. One post showed Cerny rocking a red bikini top with blue bottoms, which appears to be a Photoshopped version of another bikini photo. She alluded to this in the comments and noted that it was to commemorate Memorial Day. Even her sunglasses’ rims were red for the photo. She leaned against a rock formation in the shot and was spotted posing next to a wooden longboard or skateboard.

In other news, Amanda’s fans may be interested to know that she shared some of her fitness secrets with Pop Sugar.

“I do a lot of HIIT (aka high-intensity interval) training. This is mainly because it’s the fastest way for me to get my workouts done and the most effective way as well… I always switch it up every single day so I don’t get bored and work out different muscle groups.”

“Leggings are key for me in the gym. You can just do a bunch of different workouts in them; they’re great for lunges and squats [and] I’m able to do them and still be fully covered yet sexy at the same time,” she added, describing her favorite outfits to wear while working out.

Cerny also noted that in addition to legging, she often wears sports bras and keeps a windbreaker around to add an extra styling layer. This is something that Amanda’s 24.9 million Instagram fans have gotten to know about her as she often posts silly videos in workout gear.