June 1, 2019
WWE Rumors: Update On Sasha Banks' Status With WWE, Has Meeting With Vince McMahon

For nearly two months now, Sasha Banks has not been seen anywhere in or around WWE. Ever since she lost the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 35, she has been nowhere to be found. Her former tag team partner Bayley has become the SmackDown Women's Champion, but what about "The Boss"? Some may think that she is gone from WWE for good, but it appears there has finally been some progress made between the two.

Speculation was going around that Bayley and Banks were said to have laid on the ground and thrown a fit when they were told they would lose the titles at Mania. Of course, that has been nothing but a bunch of rumors and never any solid info regarding the situation, but Banks has been missing in action since that day.

The Inquisitr reported that rumors said Sasha Banks was prepared to sit out the rest of her WWE contract and just leave when it was over. She has interacted with some fans on Twitter now and again, but never really spoken on her situation or contract status.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., there has finally been some advancement on this whole situation. It appears as if Banks has met with Vince McMahon within the last couple of weeks and there is an update on her WWE status.

Bayley and Sasha Banks when they were the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

Banks reportedly met with Vince McMahon back on May 23, and it appears as if things have become better between the two sides. There is nothing official in place and no confirmed word on when Banks will be back, but rumor has it that she may be back on WWE television sometime this summer.

After WrestleMania 35, Bayley and Banks were going to have their tag team split up since they no longer had the tag titles. From there, Sasha was even meant to be one of the eight superstars in the Women's Ladder Match at Money In The Bank last month, but she ended up being replaced by Dana Brooks.

Rumors going around stated that Banks and Bayley believed they were going to have a long run with the titles, but then, they lost them to The IIconics. After that, Banks disappeared and has said very little, but has posted cryptic tweets at times.

Sasha Banks is a huge part of the women's division in WWE and it would be a great loss if she were to never return. If the rumors are true and she really did have a positive meeting with Vince McMahon, fans may see "The Boss" back sooner rather than later.