Julia Rose And Valentina Fradegrada Go Fully Topless In Pool, Julia Tugs At Valentina's String Briefs

There's something popular about models pairing up. When both are topless and sending out some cheeky fun on social media, it's going to go down well. On June 1, Italian model Valentina Fradregada gave her fans an Instagram update. This brunette sensation wasn't s a solo act today, though. She's posing with fellow model Julia Rose, and the result is heating up the platform.

The racy snap shows Valentina and Julia in a pool setting. Both girls are fully topless with digitally-placed text covering their nipples. While Rose appears thigh-deep in the water, Valentina seems to be on her way out. Both girls are looking downwards; for Valentina though, her eyes seem directed toward her rear. Unsurprising given that her bikini briefs are being tugged at by Julia.

Both girls have their mouths slightly ajar. While neither is looking at the camera, each beauty is drawing in the viewer in her own unique way. The girls have also communicated in the comments section.

"this day was one of the best!!" Julia wrote.

"@itsjuliarose Yess same!!! Thanks baby," Valentina replied.

By and large, though, the comments section is filled with fan comments.

"Hello beautiful ladies," one fan wrote.

"Both of y'all are stunning and gorgeous," another said.

Valentina is a rising face on Instagram. With a following of 1.8 million, this European is taking the platform by storm. Her sensual poses and cheeky selfies come with a signature finish; for Valentina, wavy hair swept to one side seems to be her trademark 'do. She is also known for rocking cut-off tees and taking selfies with fun or innocent facial expressions.
Julia likewise has an edge. This Los Angeles-based model's 1.5 million followers can expect frequent tongue-flashing and the occasional middle finger. Neither, however, appear aggressive. With her eyes often shut as she sticks her tongue out, Julia's statement fingers come as playful as her overall composure. The girls have posed together before. Their April snap (seen above) received over 201,000 likes. Given a caption that suggested the two were "in love," engagement was likely high on both the image and its words.

While many comments left to today's photo came in Valentina's native Italian, enough English ones confirmed Fradegrada's grip on social media as extending beyond her home country. Valentina also happens to be away from home at present; the update came with a Los Angeles geotag.

Today's topless photo had racked up over 119,000 likes within five hours of being posted. Over 500 comments were left in the same time frame.