Kamala Harris Tears Into Trump, Says ‘We Need To Begin Impeachment Proceedings’

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris delivered on Saturday “one of her sharpest critiques to date” of President Donald Trump, Bloomberg reports.

In a speech at the California Democratic Party’s annual convention, Harris tore into President Trump from various angles, criticizing his conduct, and a slew of the administration’s policies.

The California senator explicitly called for impeachment.

“We need to begin impeachment proceedings and we need a new commander-in-chief.”

“We’ve seen how this president has lied to divide. It’s a pathological failure of leadership,” she added.

All Democratic presidential candidates with a shot at winning the presidency — except former Vice President Joe Biden — are speaking at the convention.

As the first candidate to speak at the event, Harris accused Trump of “deregulating and deconstructing our government and our democracy,” proceeding to slam the economic war the president has been waging on China and Mexico.

Trump’s tariffs, according to Harris, are hurting the American working class. “I like to call it Trump’s trade tax,” she said, calling on Democratic activists present at the event to join the fight against Trump.

For Kamala Harris, a California native, speaking on home turf is significant in and of itself, Bloomberg notes. If she manages to win California, Harris will likely emerge as one of the Democratic front-runners. If she, however, loses in her own state, her campaign could suffer a deadly blow.

The state of California is important for everyone else in the race as well, especially since it has moved ts primary to the Super Tuesday round of voting.

Whether she will manage to win California or not remains to be seen, but Harris is facing an uphill battle, according to polls. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the front-runner, leading in virtually all polls conducted thus far, according to a RealClearPolitics polling average.

Ahead of Harris are also Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also spoke at the event. Unlike Harris and virtually all other Democrats running for president, Pelosi did not call for impeachment. Echoing her previous statements, the House speaker suggested that House Democrats should focus on investigations, instead of beginning an impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi’s speech was interrupted by members of the audience, who began chanting “impeach!” as the top Democrat continued to accuse President Trump of working with Russia and covering it up, while at the same time arguing against having him removed from the highest office in the land.