‘TOWIE’ Star Bobby Norris Flaunts Large Package In Tiny Speedo On Instagram

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Ten hours ago, Bobby Norris shared a very candid post with his 800,000 Instagram followers as he opened up about his struggles with his body image. Targeting the post toward body shamers, the TV personality acknowledged that he didn’t believe he had the “body of a Greek god.” He, however, revealed that he has found a way to wake up every day and be happy with what he sees when he looks at himself in the mirror.

Norris went on to explain that many focus so much on females and body shaming that they do not realize men also experience the pressure of trying to maintain a perfect body. He ended the caption of his post by assuring his followers they were “perfect” just the way they were.

Unfortunately for The Only Way Is Essex star, many of his followers were having a hard time focusing on the message behind the photo as he rocked a tiny black Calvin Klein speedo. The black and white reverse-mirror selfie featured Norris stripped down to his skivvies in front of several full-length mirrors.

The chiseled reality personality opted for a simple pose with his body facing straight toward camera as he looked pensively off to the side. The pose showed up a well sculpted set of abs, lean legs, and a sharp jawline. Thanks to the mirrors surrounding Norris, he was also able to flash a teasing glimpse of his backside.

Inside of 10 hours, the photo pulled in over 19,000 likes and just shy of 1,000 comments.

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Curing my holiday blues.. @sunrayz_hoddesdon

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While the post was meant to stand on its own as a “love yourself” style post rather than “give me your attention” post, The Sun confirms that many of his followers admitted to having a hard time noticing anything other than his bulging manhood that was put on full display thanks to the tight black garment.

Many quickly took to the comments to jest that the TOWIE star was “packing heat.” Others stuck to dishing out all sorts of compliments regarding his package.

“Take them socks out,” one of his followers jested.

A female follower added: “I wish I was a man now!”

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Here’s one for you body shamers out there.. I’m fully aware I don’t have the body of a Greek god or look like a sock full of conkers but I’m learning to accept the way I look and as somebody who struggles I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Some people obviously don’t know how hard it is to wake up and be ok with what you see in the mirror each morning. In a world where everybody is constantly comparing themselves to each other on social media it’s really unhealthy to make comments on people’s weight/appearance!! People think it’s only girls that have pressure on how they look but I can assure you that men feel it too.. If you are reading this and also feel the pressure remember that you are perfect as your are!!

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Despite the massive amount of attention his prominent appendages received, Bobby was also showered with support, love, and praise from fans who were eager to tell him he was perfect the way he was. Many also noted that he is an inspiration to the LGBTQ community as well as anyone who struggles with depression and body confidence.