Mark Wahlberg Flaunts Muscular Build & Toned Backside

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Mark Wahlberg sent his 12.6 million Instagram followers into a frenzy this week by sharing a drool-worthy array of video clips featuring himself flaunting his incredible physique during intense workout sessions.

Yesterday, Wahlberg took to Instagram to share a video clip of himself opening up about how he was “inspiring to be better.” The actor revealed that he once dreamed of owning his own gym so he could work on his body whenever he wanted or needed to. Mark appeared to be a little winded as he continued to talk about how he was going to work on changing his diet while he prepared to join the F45 training challenge.

On Monday, Mark broke Instagram by sharing a slow-motion video clip of himself working out.

In five days since the display of perfectly toned abs, glutes, and pecs hit his profile, his adoring fans have pressed the play button over one million times. Over 1,200 of Wahlberg’s fans also took the time to leave a comment gushing over the steamy video of the 47-year-old actor’s chiseled body.

“Hotness overload,” one overwhelmed fan penned in the comments.

Some of his followers praised Mark for his commitment to training, as opposed to taking less healthy approaches such as steroids to obtain his breathtaking build.

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A few even noted how much they adored Wahlberg’s new hairdo as he got just enough of his brown locks chopped off to frame his face.

As Elle confirms, Wahlberg’s intense workout routine that allows him to maintain his ripped figure isn’t for the faint of heart. The actor once took to his Instagram to share that he kicked off his daily routine every morning at 2:30 a.m.

The Instagram video featurette was actually a short promotion for F45, which is a franchise of gyms and training centers created and owned by Wahlberg. The concept behind these studios is to provide clients with a plethora of different workouts. These exercise routines include various types of workouts and physical activities from different regimens and are intended to motivate the client and to keep their bodies on the edge so they don’t plateau as easily on their fitness goals.

According to Men’s Health, Mark has an athletic performance coach and trainer, Brian Nguyen, to thank as part of the reason for his incredible washboard abs. Wahlberg has trusted Nguyen to be his go-to training guru for more than 13 years and credits his hardcore training programs for helping him prepare physically for all of his films of the last decade.

Nguyen says that his methods for improving Walhberg’s physique revolve around the role required, as Wahlberg has played bodybuilders, football players, and boxers. Getting him prepped for the physicality of those roles revolves around tailoring workouts to match what traditional athletes would use.

Recently, Brian helped Walhberg prepare for his most recent leading role in the film Mile 22, where he plays a CIA military specialist who finds himself in hostile situations on a mission in Southeast Asia. The film hit theaters last summer and like most Wahlberg films killed at box office pulling in 66.3 million in profits.