Sofia Richie Teases Fans In A Pink Bikini & Asks For A Password

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Sofia Richie shared a new bikini pic with her fans — her recent share was flirty, not just because of her outfit, but because of the caption she wrote. She stood in the doorway of a convenience store, and placed her arms on either side of the open door. Sofia smiled slightly and popped her left hip to accentuate her curves. The model looked straight at the camera for the shot, accessorized with gold hoop earrings, and wore her hair pulled back in a slick bun. The update has garnered over 52,000 likes in the first 15 minutes since it was posted. She joked about what the password is to get through the door referencing the silly game that kids play with each other all the time.

For some fans, the photos might remind them of Emily Ratajkowski’s photoshoot at a different convenience store. Sofia’s had an entirely different goal than Emily’s, but they both show how great photos can be when taken in humble places. That being said, Ratajkowski’s shoot from February got a lot of attention. Instead of posing in swimwear, Emily opted for lingerie, reported The Inquisitr.

Richie also shared a cute selfie six days ago from Sag Harbor, New York. The model wore a brightly patterned shirt, which featured different colors and shapes. She wore a chic pair of sunglasses, along with nude lipstick, and her hair was styled down in loose waves. Needless to say, it looked great in the snapshot.

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What’s the password..

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Richie is no stranger to explaining her fashion choices. She previously opened up to Grazia about her personal style and inspiration.

“Honestly, I can’t really pin exactly what I am because I wake up every morning and I decide that I want to be girly or I want to be a tomboy, or I don’t know like I’m all over the place. But for the most part, I’m comfortable. I think that’s an important key factor to me.”

“I love the Olsen twins. Not necessarily because I want to dress like them but I think they’re super creative and I think that what they’ve created is so interesting and they inspire me for that reason,” she added, giving a shout-out to them for being her style inspiration.

Sofia’s comment about being comfortable explains a lot of her outfit choices, and even if she’s prioritizing feeling comfortable, she looks very glamorous in just about anything, and her 4.4 million Instagram followers seem to appreciate her candid pictures.

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