American ‘Playboy’ Model Rachel Cook Flaunts Pert, Curvy Booty In Skin-Tight Jeans On Instagram

Rochelle BrodinGetty Images

American Playboy model Rachel Cook is seeing a precipitous rise to fame as of late, having captured a large amount of attention for her provocative Instagram posts over the course of the last year or two. Currently boasting a rather impressive 2.4 million Instagram followers, the brunette bombshell doesn’t seem to be lacking for fans — or their attention.

In her most recent share, the svelte stunner takes a more casual turn in showcasing her sex appeal. Posed in half-profile outside of a small cafe or diner, Rachel can be seen turning her head to shoot a slight smile at the photographer, arresting the camera lens with her gorgeous blue eyes. Clad in a pair of skin-tight denim jeans which cling to her pert booty with aplomb, the model adopts a cool, collected poise. A white-and-orange crop top exposes a bit of her shapely back, exposing a bit of tanned flesh.

Rachel sports a bit of makeup as well, her cosmetic application consisting of some foundation, a bit of rose-tinted blush, luxurious mascara, and a pretty pink lip. She wears a pair of chunky black sunglasses atop her head, partially constraining her messy chestnut-colored tresses. The sunshine plays with her features, making her complexion appear vibrant and healthy.

In the caption attached to the bright and sunny snapshot, Rachel Cook tells her audience to check out her latest YouTube video. There, she seemingly holds a discussion on mental health, with some topics spanning health in general. Despite the somewhat promotional tone of her brief caption, her fans swarmed the share with love, awarding it over 100,000 likes in addition to 550-plus comments.

“I watched…good advice and you get grandma’s seal of approval. CBD already ordered and I’m breathing!” Rachel’s grandmother wrote, to which Rachel replied, “thanks grandma!! [three heart emoji] you’ll love it!”

“You make those Levi’s look good,” a more amorous admirer remarked, speaking to the perfect fit of Rachel’s denim jeans in this particular shot.

“I love the outdoors side of you. You truly are an amazing person,” a third fan gushed, keeping their message relatively tame.

A bit of a wild child at heart, it’s clear that Rachel Cook also has a bit of a softer, more subdued side — not that her fans and followers would know it simply by following her red-hot Instagram profile. Despite keeping things casual in her recent posts, Rachel has been tapped to be a beautiful face for luxury lifestyle brand Omega, per Forbes.

It looks like this American model is in high demand, both on social media and in the business world.